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PMA 2006
Shinko CHC-S1245 Wins DIMA Shoot-Out for Best 8 Inch Roll Printer
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Shinko CHC-S1245
Shinko CHC-S1245

Somerset, NJ – February 26, 2006 - Kanematsu USA’s Digital Imaging Group (KG Digital) is honored to announce winning the prestigious DIMA Shoot-out award for best 8” Roll Printer with its Shinko CHC-S1245 Digital Photo Printer.

The Shinko CHC-S1245 Digital Photo Printer is the latest in a long line of award winning printers from Shinko, the leader in Dye Sublimation technology since introduction of its first printer in 1982. “The DIMA Award reinforces Kanematsu’s position as a supplier of the highest quality printers and component,” said Rob Miskelly, Business Manager, Kanematsu USA. “Although speed was not a deciding factor in the shoot-out, it proves the opinion of our customers, that CHC-S1245 is the fastest as well as best quality printer that they have ever used.”

While leading in speed and quality it is also one of the least expensive printers to operate. The cost of $1.25 per 8x10 is much less that the slower and lesser quality printers that it competes with. Furthermore, the just added 8x12 capability allows for producing larger prints as well a greater number of package print possibilities. The printer’s multi-cutting capability of printing and cutting 2 – 5x7’s/5x8’s, 2 – 6x8’s or 3 – 4x8’s from one 8x10 or 8x12 print eliminated the need to have multiple printers on location leading to additional savings.

“Since its release in February 2005, the CHC-S1245 has been adopted as the printer of choice for event photographers and studio photographers that demand high speed with the highest quality output available. Event photographers have commented that it is so fast that they can print a customers photo even before they are finished making their change”, said Todd Charney, National Sales Manager.

The Shinko CHC-S1245 is just one of an impressive line of printers. The Shinko New CHC-S2145 is the world’s fastest 6” printer at only 7 seconds for a 4x6 print and CHC-S9045 as the most compact unit at less than ¾ cubic foot and only 22 lbs.

The CHC-S1245 is available through KG Digital’s nationwide network of authorized distributors and system integrators.