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PMA 2006
Durst Introduces New Upgrades for its LED Printers
Dramatically Enhances Image Sharpness and Adds Several Key Productivity Features
Press Release

ORLANDO, Fla., February 26, 2006 Durst has come out with yet another product upgrade to help users of its digital imaging equipment enjoy up-to-date performance and extend their capital investments. This latest upgrade expands the capabilities of Durst Theta 76 and Epsilon LED printers, by dramatically improving image sharpness and enabling a number of new productivity features in its new version 3.7 software, Durst Image Technology U.S., LLC said today.

These enhancements which "come standard" on new Theta 76 30-Inch Multi-Format Lab System and Epsilon Plus printers can be incorporated into every Theta 76 and Epsilon unit now in use through an in-the-field upgrade, Durst said. They are made possible with the installation of a hardware and software package that comprises the company's new, proprietary DFO (Durst Fiber-Optic) technology.

"The ability to upgrade our equipment offers many benefits to the user, and it underscores our position of providing long-term equipment value to our customers, not simply selling a piece of equipment," said A. Ron Waters, President and CEO, Durst U.S. "We want our customers to have the best performance Durst equipment is capable of, without necessarily having to incur the cost of replacing their imaging platform or endure disruption to their operations. We hope the customers we have today are going to be the customers we have tomorrow, and that they'll see Durst as having their best interests in mind."

Durst's new LED printer upgrade is available immediately from Durst. For pricing and other information, interested parties can call Durst at 1-888-480-3588 or e-mail Durst at