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PMA 2006
Academy Corporation Provides Details on New Accufill Inkjet Refill Systems
Press Release

Albuquerque, New Mexico (February 21, 2006) Academy Corporation will introduce its ACCUFILL INKJET REFILL SYSTEMSsm line of inkjet cartridge refilling machines and services at the Photo Marketing Association International Convention in Orlando, Florida on February 26-29, 2006 (Booth 2250). The ACCUFILL INKJET REFILL SYSTEMSsm is specifically designed for operators of photo mini-labs. These operators and other retailers will be able to offer the highest quality inkjet cartridge refill sales and services to their customers on a highly profitable basis and from a trusted name in the silver recovery machines and services industry. Since 1979, Academy has delivered over 16,000 silver recovery machines and currently provides in-store and other services to over 6,000 retail operators of photo mini-labs.

Academies contracted with R-JetTek (Colorado Springs, CO), the global innovators in inkjet technology solutions to jointly design and engineer the ACCUFILL INKJET REFILL SYSTEMSsm. R-JetTek has over ten years experience manufacturing the finest inkjet refilling equipment. R-JetTek has manufactured over 5000 machines including entry level to those with capacities of over 1000 cartridges per day sold in over 120 countries. Over 10 million inkjet cartridges have been refilled using one of over 25 unique models. The joint efforts of Academy, the leading provider of silver recovery systems and services, and R-JetTek, the leader in inkjet remanufacturing solutions, resulted in the ACCUFILL INKJET REFILL SYSTEMSsm having the following features:

-Table top, efficient unit saving valuable floor space; 36x22x36; using only 8 amps
-Integrated atomizer to clean print nozzles using deionized pure water
-Integrated centrifuge to evacuate old ink to allow uniform refilling with new ink
-Integrated ultra-sonic cleaner to clean print heads and reduce cartridge print failure
-Integrated vacuum system using hand wand to prime the print head for testing
-Filling under Vacuum conditions to safely maximize quality to OEM-standards
-Integrated cartridge testing unit to ensure proper circuit and printing functions
-Touch screen with easy to follow and error-free step-by-step instructions
-Offers 9 ink stations refilling approximately 80% of most popular cartridges

The ACCUFILL INKJET REFILL SYSTEMSsm will exclusively use specially formulated OCP inks to maximize cartridge performance and provide the highest quality ink refill result for consumers. Germany-based OCP GmbH is a leading producer of inks for inkjet cartridges.

In comparing the features, functionality and profit potential of the ACCUFILL INKJET REFILL SYSTEMSsm to other offerings, David Nycz, Academy's Vice-President/General Manager of its silver recovery and ink-refill businesses provided the following:

"The ACCUFILL INKJET REFILL SYSTEMSsm is the only space saving table top model versus others' who offer only large floor models. Academy has the only employee based nationwide service organization versus others who use subcontractors with mixed backgrounds and experiences.. The ACCUFILL INKJET REFILL SYSTEMSsm will use OCP inks exclusively. OCP is the world leader in finest quality inks. OCP has formulated specialized inks to fill HP, Lexmark and Dell versus others' using only universal inks or otherwise requiring too many inks for efficient inventory management. Also, we are using an unique "plug & play ink delivery system eliminating spills versus messy and error-prone bottle delivery. The use of modular design provides easy "hot swap" maintenance in the store premises."

Academy's ACCUFILL INKJET REFILL SYSTEMSsm provides retailers with rapid profits and payback due to the low initial investment in the machine, exploding consumer demand for inkjet refill services and easy operation by existing retailer employees in their existing mini-lab departments. The average retailer cost of refilling cartridge is $2.50-$3.50 providing considerable profit opportunities while offering high value to customer at up to 50% savings from OEM cartridge replacement.

David Nycz continued, "Ink consumption is exploding due to printing of digital photos and web pages. Refilling inkjet cartridges is an excellent synergistic, profit opportunity for mini-lab operators. These retailers have existing investments in floor-space and employees and already drive significant consumer traffic to the mini-lab section of their stores. We have developed reliable, compact, easy to use and cost effective inkjet refill machines that meet the needs of our retailers and their customers. Academy's financial strength, reputation and existing in-store services make ACCUFILL INKJET REFILL SYSTEMSsm the perfect choice for retailers".

Academy will provide nationwide installation, training, full warranty, an 800 number technical help desk and Academy's employee-only industry acclaimed in-store services. Photo mini-lab operators can also bundle their silver recovery and inkjet cartridge refill equipment and services at combined costs adding to retailer profitability of these services to their customers.

David Nycz added "It is an elegant competitive response to the printer/ink manufacturers who have siphoned off mini-lab operator revenues. It provides retailers an opportunity to better serve customers and drive more traffic to other store departments. Retailers can also improve their sales of OEM and compatible inkjet cartridges for those circumstances when a customer's inkjet cartridge cannot be refilled due to damage or age. Retailers can help their customers and themselves to RECYCLE, REFILL and $REWARDS$sm."