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Photographer's Mission of Calm
A historical and spiritual journey through the changing face of Buddha





It's September. The kids are in school and vacation is over. The frenetic pace of life is returning. Especially this time of year, people seek the solitude and calm that they may have attained during the lazy days of summer. You know, that feeling of well-being that envelops us as our body as sinks into a lawn chair by the pool or by drinking an alcoholic elixir on the beach as the waves nip at our toes.

What if you could attain that level of beingness every day?  Ever consider meditation or giving the art of Buddhism a try?

No matter what your religious or spiritual views are, knowledge of Buddhism can help to elevate the mind to a state of healing and comfort. An antidote to today's ubiquitous suffering, we're always looking for ways to stay calm and distressed in day-to-day chaos.

A compelling new book on photography by a reclusive Buddhist, author and photographer known as just Simhananda, explores images of Buddha around the world and throughout time. The author traveled the globe and searched for The Buddha, whose image and likeness is found throughout the world in thousands of statues and paintings. Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Khadromas and the Way of the Pilgrim (Orange Palm Publications, December 2007) reveals that the icon always contains certain physical attributes, specified dress and poses. Each pose, and particularly the position and gestures of the Buddha's hands, has a special meaning recognized by Buddhists worldwide.

"I am not important, I have simply captured images teeming with spiritual power--if the reader allows their mind to open," says Simhananda.  "Buddhism is gentle and generous, as are humans at their best. My book is a celebration, a pathway to healing created by transformative photographs and prose.  Its wisdom is conveyed without judgment or pretense, but with pure love and amplification of the wondrous human spirit which binds us all."

Replacing ‘preachiness' with messages of love, peace and enlightenment, the photographs of the Buddha and accompanying sayings by Dadi Darshan Dharma invite curiosity and engender soulful introspection.

"The reader of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Khadromas and the Way of the Pilgrim becomes part of something larger, a part of the universality which connects us all as kindred souls, regardless of race, religion or philosophy," says Josée Senécal, chief editor of Orange Palm Publications. "It is a tool which opens the door to a journey of awareness, love and peace. In a world mired in turbulence, war, and fear, the book is an oasis which has arrived at the ideal time."

Filled with 100 large and 201 small color photographs, portions of the proceeds from the book's sale will benefit various humanitarian organizations.

Simhananda, which means "lion's roaring," says the images of Buddhist iconography found in the book as well as the pithy sayings are designed to help elevate the mind "toward the Divine" and to do what photography and words can do-- to console the human spirit.

Simhananda, who resides in Montreal, is an avid ‘terra' traveler and his photography captures the essence of his many journeys. He recently produced four calendars and is currently working on another photography book on the beauty of Mother Nature. He is also the author of a book on Zen Buddhism. Simhananda and his wife adopted two Chinese girls, one Tibetan child, and are presently in the process of adopting a second. The book will be released in December 2007 and the author will be attending book signings in New York, Massachusetts and California.

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