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Color in Nature -- An Exhibit of Photographs by Lisette Ranga

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By Lisette Ranga

Photographer Lisette Ranga's exhibit, "Color in Nature" is showing until March 29, 2009 at the Store Front Gallery at Gillard's in Bronxville, NY. Gillards is part art supply, stationary store, and coffee shop all rolled into one, with a cozy gallery in the rear. Gallery hours are Monday through Sunday, from 10am until 9pm.

Ranga has put together a cohesive collection of images, taken during her travels around the world, including Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks, Patagonia, Arizona, Hawaii, Greece, and NY.

One of the more unique aspects to the exhibit is Ranga's use of a variety of surfaces for the images. Some are canvas wraps or framed canvas, others printed on fine art paper, and a couple of images printed on metal. Each image is printed on a surface that shows it off best. No one style competes with another or seems out of place, as the surfaces enhance the photography, not detract from it.

"Flor-de-Jade", (accompanying this article) with its soft flowing curves and tones remind one of silk flowing in the breeze. "Saucer Magnolia" has a painterly quality, bringing to mind not the image of a flower but ballet dancers daintily waving their arms. The colors of "Layers of Paradise" are crisp and bold, bright and strong.

"Cracking Titan", a panoramic image of glaciers in Patagonia is printed on canvas and framed. The texture of the canvas adds a roughness to the image. For those who have seen first-hand glaciers on the water, the canvas texture reminds you that the glaciers are not so icy smooth and still, but alive.

Other images to note include "Al-Kimia--The art of transformation" which is a photograph taken in Yellowstone National Park. The warm tones of the image are juxtaposed against the silver hued metal that it is printed on, taking the viewer away from the actual scene, and in the direction the artist wishes to take you. The triptych panoramas: "Paralysis" and "Yapondia" add another dimension to their subjects, which are Yellowstone and Boynton Canyon, Arizona respectively.

To see more of Ranga's work, check out her website at