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Next Fotor Version Becomes "Windows 8-style Photo Editor" and Adds New Features

Next Fotor Version Becomes "Windows 8-style Photo Editor" and Adds New Features

Next Fotor Version Becomes "Windows 8-style Photo Editor" and Adds New Features

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SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Everimaging Co., Ltd today released a whole new, remodeled version of Fotor, its free online cloud-based photo editor. The latest version of Fotor uses the same Metro User Interface used in the Windows 8 and recent Windows phones to deliver the same, user-friendly experience they're used to in a new and modern way. The new version of Fotor isn't just an aesthetic upgrade, as it features many powerful new ways to edit, enhance, customize, and share photos, all in addition to the online HDR processing tools it is already known for. New features include overlays, texts, collages and a number of other visual effects to give users the tools they need to enhance their photos in a fun, user-friendly way.

New features in Fotor:

"Metro User Interface"

Fotor's home screen is the same modern Metro User Interface used in Windows 8 and Windows phones. Each square features a different Fotor function and allows users quick access to all the tools they need to bring out the fantastic potential in all of their photos.


Assemble stories and memories from photos with Template, Photo Stitching and Free collage tools.


They say a picture paints a thousand words, and Fotor lets you add some of your own. With options to adjust your font type, size, and other characteristics, Fotor makes getting your message across even easier.


Eight themes of overlays give users creative freedom to add custom elements to their photos, allowing for imagination to play an even bigger role in their photography. Overlays themes include: Child, Graduate, Wedding, Family, Travel, Accessories, Lovers and Festival.


Add better defined Visual Effects in various categories including Classic, Lomo, Vintage, Cool, B&W and Funky.

Fotor stands out in the crowd of photo editing tools with its innovation in web-based HDR processing and utilization of the cloud to put a uniquely simple yet powerful tool for photo editing in the hands of its users. Fotor has reached 1 million users from web, iOS and Android platforms since its inception just 4 month ago. Such success brought to the top of Google Search Ranking for the photo editing. "The popularity of Fotor has proven that word of mouth might be the best advertisement for a free, simple and powerful photo editing platform. We have been working hard to enhance everything about Fotor, allow users to experience a new interface and features for editing and sharing photos in an effective and fun way," said James H, Chief Operating Officer of Everimaging. 

About Everimaging

Everimaging was founded in 2009 and is now a world leader in high dynamic range (HDR) digital imaging research. Our company is focused on leveraging cutting-edge research to develop innovative and easy-to-use applications for digital photography. Our goal is to provide the best photo editing products for photographers around the world, and at every level of photography. Our patented software "HDR Darkroom" won the Digital Camera Grand-prix silver award in the photo-editing category in 2011, but we haven't stopped there. We continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible in photo editing.

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