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liveBooks Offers Special Discount to Digital Railroad Clients
source: liveBooks

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - Oct. 28, 2008 - liveBooks, Inc. (, the leading provider of customized portfolio websites and marketing software for professional photographers, today announced it is offering discounts to former Digital Railroad clients who purchase a liveBooks Professional site before November 14, 2008.

Digital Railroad announced on its website this week that it is closing its doors for good.

"Many Digital Railroad clients have come to rely on their DRR archives as de facto websites, thanks to the ability to easily upload photo galleries and share high resolution images with clients," said Andy Patrick, president and CEO of liveBooks.

"With Digital Railroad recently ceasing operations, these photographers face the prospect of a substantial disruption in their client workflow, as well as the loss of potentially their only online presence. By extending this offer, we can help DRR clients create a professional, powerful Web marketing presence that will enable them to sustain and build their businesses, and also maintain some continuity in their work with clients even in these difficult economic times."

For Digital Railroad clients who act before November 14, liveBooks is offering a 25% discount on each of its Professional packages:

liveBooks Professional Packages include: 1) Unlimited- regular pricing: $3,200, discount: $800, DRR client pricing: $2,400

2) Select- regular pricing:$1,700, discount: $425, DRR client pricing: $1,275

3)Basic-regular pricing: $800, discount: $200, DRR client pricing $600

All packages also require $90 a year for hosting.

As a further testament to liveBooks' commitment to helping photographers generate the exposure that leads to long-term growth, liveBooks also recently announced a 12-month financing option for all new liveBooks Professional clients.

Through its liveBooks' Professional solutions, the company helps emerging and professional photographers increase their website traffic, streamline their workflow for search marketing and effectively measure the increase in the number of site visitors.

liveBooks creates customized sites that include an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface to allow photographers to easily upload their images and share them with clients. liveBooks websites also provide for the easy integration of videos, slideshows and music, and sophisticated search marketing tools to help photographers grow their businesses.

For information about this new pricing, as well as liveBooks' overall solutions, visit or call (800) 253-2085 for a free consultation.

About liveBooks

liveBooks, Inc. is the leader in providing fully editable customized website creation and management solutions along with innovative online tools that empower professional photographers to grow their businesses. As creative professionals, liveBooks' executives understand the passion behind their customers' work and their needs to easily upload, edit, market, send and sell their images in a simple and streamlined way.

liveBooks is committed to pioneering new ways to help photographers efficiently translate their work into effective online experiences that increase their exposure and connect their creative vision with the world at large.