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liveBooks Makes Announcements at PhotoPlus 2008

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.--liveBooks, a leader in providing fully editable customized website creation and management solutions along with innovative online tools that empower professional photographers to grow their businesses, made several announcements at the PhotoPlus 2008 Expo.

Financing Option Provides Photographers Affordable Access to Sophisticated Web Presence

In an effort to help photographers' continue their marketing efforts in the midst of economic turmoil, liveBooks has created a 12-month financing option for new liveBooks Professional clients.

This financially conscious offering will allow photographers who purchase liveBooks Professional website solutions the ability to get started with a customized website for as little as $200 down, with the remaining balance financed over 12 monthly installments.

Financing Monthly Payments include:

Unlimited $3,200 $800 down $224/month for 12 months

Select $1,700 $425 down $119/month for 12 months

Basic $800 $200 down $56/month for 12 months

All packages also require $90 a year for hosting

"As part of our ongoing efforts to be a true partner with photographers worldwide, we want to ensure that now more than ever they can continue to market themselves to drive a sustainable and successful business. These payment options provide better cash flow for our clients on the expense side of their business, while allowing them to be aggressive with marketing themselves and generating the exposure critical to long-term growth," said Andy Patrick, president and CEO of liveBooks. "History shows us that during down times it is even more important for businesses to market themselves, and that those who do come out ahead in the long-run. Preparing now for the future by showcasing work, developing a brand and creating an easy way to be located with intuitive search engine optimization will be essential to standing apart from the a crowd."

Through its liveBooks' Professional solutions, the company helps emerging and professional photographers increase their website traffic, streamline their workflow for search marketing and effectively measure the increase in the number of site visitors. liveBooks creates customized sites that include an intuitive, drag and drop interface to allow clients to easily upload their images, as well as, the easy integration of videos, slideshows and music, and sophisticated search marketing tools to help photographers grow their businesses.

For information about this new pricing, as well as liveBooks' overall solutions, visit or call (800) 253-2085 for a free consultation.

liveBooks Empowers World‐Renowned Photographers to Expand Their Businesses, Gain Exposure

liveBooks announced the recent launch of three new liveBooks‐powered websites for professional photographers Ally Godfrey, Jay Maidment and Jerry Uelsmann.

Godfrey represents award‐winning photographers specializing in an array of styles from fashion and food to lifestyle and conceptual photographic illustration. Her new website, showcased at boasts a colorful sampling of images from photographers under Godfrey's representation. Godfrey chose liveBooks because of the ability to easily upload and manage images on her own and add photographers to her website, while also maintaining a professional, user‐friendly site.

Jay Maidment, a British movie stills specialist, launched his liveBooks site at to give his clients a more engaging experience and create a stronger platform for the presentation of his work.

From movie stills seen in "Casino Royale" and "Doomsday" to film premiere posters of "Flyboys" and "Beyond the Sea," Maidment has garnered greater exposure by giving website visitors a world‐class experience.

As a widely recognized fine art photographer, Uelsmann saw the need to have an intelligently designed website that would allow him to easily upload images to share with the photo community. His new site,, gave Uelsmann the platform he needed to showcase his award‐winning images.

"Photographers depend on liveBooks to drive their business to the next level," said Andy Patrick, president and CEO of liveBooks. "We're honored that such highly regarded photographers have chosen to partner with liveBooks and look forward to watching their businesses reach new heights."

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