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Westar Systems releases hard surfaces specialty sublimation ink

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Colorado Springs, Colorado December 29, 2008 - Westar Systems has released a uniquely designed sublimation ink that will enhance performance on non-textile substrates. Hard Surface Performance (HSP) sublimation ink is the latest addition to the family of Westar specialty sublimation inks.

Westar Systems is a leading distributor, specializing in high quality sublimation ink and paper. Westar is licensed to distribute sublimation ink for use on wide format printers such as Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland wider than 44 inches.

Rich Brenner, Westar President said, "This ink set has been uniquely formulated to provide superior performance with non-textile substrates. In fact, recent UV testing has proven to increase performance by 50 -100% when compared with other leading inks."

Westar Systems HSP ink set has substantive attraction to thin film applications. This means better adhesion, bonding, color gamut and UV stability.

Brenner, goes on to say, "For imagers who are working with tile, metal, stone or ceramics they will find this ink out performs all other inks on the market."

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