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Verbatim's New PhotoSave DVD Features Recordable DVD Discs that Automatically Find/Save Photos

CHARLOTTE, NC-- Verbatim Americas, LLC, a global leader and innovator in the digital storage industry, announced that Verbatim PhotoSave DVD, a recordable DVD that makes finding and saving photos absolutely effortless--even for consumers who have never burned a disc before.

Verbatim PhotoSave DVDs feature integrated software that launches automatically when the disc is inserted into a DVD-R drive. The process of searching for photos is also automated so users only need to click on the record button to save their memories from a PC. In the manual mode, PhotoSave DVDs also support "search and burn" from a digital camera connected to a PC. In addition to offering a long lifespan, each DVD disc provides a useable capacity of 4.5GB (1GB = 1 billion bytes) and can store approximately 2,000 photos.

PhotoSave DVDs combine the ultimate in photo storage simplicity with the superior reliability and compatibility that Verbatim media is known to deliver. Highly versatile, the unique discs can be used to find and save photos from a hard drive, camera, memory card or a USB drive and will recognize more than 80 different photo file formats. The new DVDs are also cost-effective. In the manual mode, users can continue to add photo files to the discs until they are full. For added convenience, the software keeps track of the remaining capacity on the disc. Multi-disc spanning support for large file sets is also provided. With multiple PhotoSave DVDs, users can organize their photos by categories such as photos of children, vacations and family celebrations. Verbatim PhotoSave DVDs are ideal for the growing number of novices and experienced photo enthusiasts who want a simple, no-hassle solution for protecting cherished memories. Last year, IDC estimated that more than 200 billion digital images would be captured; and the Photo Marketing Association predicted that nearly two-thirds of those images would not be printed but would be stored in digital format.

Just having photos in a digital format is not enough to ensure their safety. Photos stored on a computer can be lost due to accidental erasure, a hard drive crash or a notebook being dropped or stolen. Camera memory cards can also be accidentally erased, damaged or rendered unreadable.

Victims of fires, floods and other natural disasters report that there isn't time to disconnect a computer and carry it to safety when there are only minutes to escape. However, photos stored on compact PhotoSave DVDs can be easily carried to a safe location.

"If the only copies of your photos are on your computer and something happens to the computer or you accidentally delete the file, its lost forever," said Tim Clatterbuck, Verbatim Optical Storage Manager. "Were excited about our new PhotoSave Recordable DVDs because they make photo protection so easy anyone can do it. There's no software to install and nothing to learn. It does it all for you. And," he emphasized, "it's affordable, so we also recommend that consumers make more than one copy of the photos they don't want to lose and keep them at different locations for added protection." Verbatim PhotoSave DVDs can be used with Windows 2000, XP and Vista systems and requires a DVD-R writer.

Pricing and Availability

Packaged in 3-pack and 5-pack standard slim cases for protection and portability, the 3-pack Verbatim PhotoSave DVDs will be available at leading retailers and etailers by the end of September followed by the 5-packs in October. The suggested retail prices are US$9.99 for the 3-pack and US$14.99 for the 5-pack.