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Unibind Announces Photos N Sounds at PMA

PMA-- Unibind has launched Unibind Photos N Sounds, the first photo book that allows anyone to record a personalized voice message, at PMA.

Photos N Sounds makes it easy to incorporate sound into the cover of a photo book with voice messages and pre-recorded music for a completely personalized photo experience to share with friends and family. In addition to recording one of a kind messages, Photos N Sounds also plays popular themed songs, including Christmas carols, "Happy Birthday," and more, that enhance your photo memories, bringing them to a whole new emotional level.

Photos N Sounds lets consumers describe their photos and provide the background story for a photo album, preserve a child’s first words, remember a wedding toast, or simply play a melody -- the possibilities are endless. Business applications include recording content for marketing pieces and verbal descriptions for realtors selling homes.

Featuring unique, easy-to-use patent-pending technology, recording a message with Photos N Sounds is extremely simple:  just press and hold the record button and start recording your personal message. Messages can be re-recorded as many times as you'd like. When satisfied, remove the tab to make your recording permanent. Photos N Sounds comes with replaceable batteries, with covers available in a variety of colors and sizes.

"Photobooks preserve the image. Now with Photos N Sounds, you can also capture priceless sound to further enhance the emotional tie photo books offer for an even more profoundly creative experience," said Rusty Redecker, Vice President, Peleman Industries Inc.

Available May 1, 2009, Photos N Sounds pricing will be determined.