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Underground Photography of Leningrad Set Free for Public View

December 4, 2007--The exhibition "Leningrad Photo-Underground" recently opened in the Stroganov Palace of the Russian Museum in Moscow and showcases 98 non-conformist photos of the 1960s-1980s.

In Soviet times, photography was not considered art, whereas official photography was under total ideological control. Nevertheless, photo art did exist in the Soviet era as well.

The visitors of the exhibition in the Stroganov Palace will see photos of people standing in queues to buy beer, portraits of dwellers of ‘Leninburg’ slums, pictures of decaying buildings and unkempt yards of St. Petersburg of those days, as well as portraits of the then young poets Oleg Ohapkin, Victor Shirali, Konstantin Kuzminsky, Victor Krivulin, and others.

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