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Tailor-Made Film and Video Transfers Offers New Service
Video transfer to HD Blu-ray disc now available to photo retailers

September 10, 2008 - Tailor-Made film and video Transfers, an innovative leader in providing professional film and video conversions to the Photo Imaging Industry, has become the first company to offer video transfer services to Blu-ray disc.

Blu-ray Disc (BD) has become the industry standard in presenting crystal-clear high definition (HD) video for home playback. Aside from the stunning picture quality, BD offers expanded storage capacity of up to 25 GB of data, compared to only 4.7 GB for a single layer standard definition DVD. BD transfers will allow for Tailor-Made to fit about 2 1/2 hours of HD video in 16x9 screen format at 1080 lines of resolution on one Blu-ray disc.

"We have been experimenting with High Definition capturing, editing and encoding since the battle between HD and Blu-ray began," said Pete Wolk, owner of Tailor-Made. "As the pieces began falling into place as to which direction the new format was going, we were developing a Tailor-Made proprietary system for converting home movie film, photos and slides with the same quality and attention to detail that our dealers have been accustomed to."

The new transfer service to BD is required for the duplication of anything originally captured in HD, such as an HD camcorder or digital videotape as the image retains its original quality rather than being degraded when transferred to standard DVD. Plus, we will finally see the detail and clarity in older formats such as home movie film, slides and photos that could not be duplicated with standard definition DVD.

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Tailor-Made Film and Video Transfers has been providing high-quality, professional transfer of film, photographs, slides, and videotapes since 1985 and provides creative marketing solutions for retailers to promote their services. Located outside Philadelphia in Feasterville, PA, Tailor-Made services camera shops, photo processing labs, and video dealers across the country with 100% digital transfers to DVD.