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TI Announces DaVinci Technology for DSC Market
Press Release

Booths X24, X25, X26 - Texas Instruments (TI) introduces its DaVinci technology, optimized for the digital still camera market. The technology includes a new highly flexible processor, a software suite that simulates a full difital still camera system, and thid parties offering camera-specific algorithms.

With more than three times the performance of previous processors, cameras using the new processor, based on DaVinci technology, will offfer stunning image quality and allow photographers to take the perfect shot every time. Camera users will now have the ability to combine higher quality images - up to 16MP in resolution - with rapid processing speeds for both still shots and high-definition (HD) video, while still leaving headroom for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to add their own intellectual property. Other features the new processor offers include: instant red-eye removal, noise filtering at high ISO, high-quality prints extracted from video, video and image stabilization, in-camera editing, wireless transmission, and more.