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Sunbounce Flash-Bracket Honored with American Photo Editor's Choice Award
source: Sunbounce

When California SUNBOUNCE introduced the SUNBOUNCE Flash-Bracket the company knew that it would change the way people thought about producing light, American Photo magazine saw it was a good idea as well, and awarded it their Editor's Choice Award for 2008.

The text of the article is below:

"Few photographic reflectors are as well designed and ruggedly constructed as the California SUNBOUNCE MINI and Micro MINI. Using a system of interchangeable reflecting surfaces fitted over frames of aluminum tubing, the SUNBOUNCE reflectors are equally well suited to handheld and light stand use (the latter requiring an adapter).

Actually a German company, California SUNBOUNCE has recently made its reflector system even more flexible with the introduction of the SUNBOUNCE Flash-Bracket. A 24-inch extendible aluminum arm, it attaches to the SUNBOUNCE's frame and holds a shoe mount flash so that it's aimed back at the reflector's silver, gold, or white surface, which bounces the light back onto your subject in much softer, more flattering form.

Users of latter-day wireless, TTL-controlled shoe mount flash units will get the most from the SUNBOUNCE Flash-Bracket: fully dedicated operation in which the flash will automatically compensate for the light loss caused by bouncing. But whether automatic or manual, the new bracket lets you create soft, studio-like lighting on location, affordably and with little extra cost or weight. Under $100."

Measurements: extendable to 24 in / 60 cm

weight: approx. .50 lb. / 250 gms

SUNBOUNCE Flash-Bracket Product Code: 710-SFB

List Price: $115.00