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StereoVision Imaging Simplifies 3D
StereoVision Imaging, Inc

ALTADENA, Calif.,Feb. 21 -- StereoVision Imaging today announced the general availability of its 3D VuCAM, integrating two technologies -- 3.1 megapixel digital cameras with high-quality binocular optics -- into one handheld device. The 3D VuCAM introduces an easy and versatile method of capturing stunning 3D images from far distances, which completely redefines what users can do with 3D.

"The 3D VuCAM is a revolutionary product that is years ahead of any other method of capturing 3D images," said Beverly Sutherland , director of marketing for StereoVision Imaging. "Our eyes are a natural system of 3D viewing and the 3D VuCAM, with its binocular optics and patented technology, enables users to capture true stereo images."

3D VuCAM Integrates Digital Camera Technology

The 3D VuCAM integrates two 3.1 megapixel digital cameras and supports advanced features such as automatic image focus and exposure adjustments. Captured photos can be previewed on the pop-up transflective LCD display and transferred to the PC for 3D viewing, printing, or integration into existing 3D software and visualization applications.

In addition, 3D images can be viewed on standard PC monitors using anaglyph glasses or on auto stereoscopic (glasses-free) displays, 3D polarized displays, and on 3D projection systems.

3D VuCAM Integrates 8x40 Binocular

The 3D VuCAM integrates a full-function binocular with fully coatedoptics for clear, sharp images. Eight-power magnification brings objects 8times closer with a 15-ft. to infinity viewing range. Good stereo images canbe captured from as far as 150 ft.

Pricing & Availability

The 3D VuCAM is available now for purchase at Each unit ships with a carrying case, a neckstrap, a compact flash card, 2 AA NiMH batteries & charger, and an externalpower supply.

The 3D VuCAM includes a USB port for direct interface to the PC, acompact flash memory card slot, and a video out-port.