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Sony Showcases New Eco Notebooks Inspired by Nature

Affirming its eco-conscious stance, Sony today introduced its Graphic Splash Eco Edition notebooks—a version of its popular VAIO®FZ computers. Available in four vibrant, natural styles, these eye-catching notebooks set you apart from the pack and demonstrate your dedication to protecting the environment. Inspired by nature, the new designs --Caribbean Water, Clay Earth, Spotted Life and Bloom-- make these notebooks the most distinctive PCs on the planet.

To celebrate, Sony will donate one percent of the price of each Graphic Splash Eco Edition notebook purchased to non-profit organizations working to preserve the environment via 1% For the Planet (— an alliance of businesses committed to creating a healthier environment.

Further, Sony is offering rebates to consumers who trade in their used PCs, making it easier than ever to enjoy this eco-savvy notebook. Simply bring in your old PC to a Sony Style store to be recycled and we will issue you a credit toward a new VAIO notebook.

Users can also take advantage of this offer online at

Eco-conscious features include:

Slim design for minimum use of natural resources

Easy-to-recycle materials for resource conservation

Packaging comprised primarily of recyclable materials

RoHS compliant components— free of hazardous materials such as lead

Free recycling— Sony branded products (

Rechargeable battery recycling program offered at Sony Style stores and participating retailers

It all adds up to a notebook that offers stunning performance in an equally vibrant design while giving back to the planet.

The VAIO Graphic Splash Eco Edition notebooks will start at about $1,391 and will be available in limited quantities at starting in early November.