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Sima Products Debuts GPS Photo Journal and Displays Other Products at PMA

OAKMONT, PA and Las Vegas/PMA -- Sima Products debuted the GPS Photo Journal at PMA. The GPS Photo Journal can record and trace your journey and auto-add GPS information on the photos taken on your trip. The GPS Photo Journal is not only compatible with all digital cameras and camera phones, but it also provides you with the coolest GPS tracking gadget while saving you extra expenses on other equipment. Built with a water-resistant design, the GPS Photo Journal is suitable for rainy days, skiing, water sports or for any outdoor use! The auto map software allows you to organize and share your adventures in three-dimensional Google map and Google earth and supports popular web albums including Picasa and Flickr.

Other Sima news includes:

Single cable solution uses multi-USB connections

To meet the cable challenge head on Sima announces two new patent-pending USB multi- cables. This series of cables provides all the connections you need to power or connect any two USB devices. The SUO-200M and the SUO-1080P each provide a single cable solution to multiple connection problems. The SUO-200M features standard USB and FireWire connectors, while the SUO-1080P features USB and HDMI connectors.

Two new Ultra Bright LED video lights

In the never-ending quest to make life a little easier, Sima Products introduces two new LED camcorder video lights that light up the night.

Sima's new SL-20LX uses 36 high efficiency LEDs to flood 600 lumens of ultra-bright light onto the scene. Simply mount the light onto your camcorder, turn it on and brighten up Uncle Harry's smiling face. This compact, lightweight unit is shoe-mount compatible with all professional and consumer video camcorders. The patent-pending design allows you to interlock multiple units and construct a larger light array to work with standard 4 x 3 and 16 x 9 video formats. With an effective distance range of 15 to 25 feet, a battery life of up to 60 minutes and an average bulb life of 50,000 hours, the SL-20LX truly is an enlightening solution.

Now make the challenge a little tougher. Let's say you want to shoot the friends-around-the-campfire scene without ruining the moment. This is where Sima’s new infrared video light - SL-20IR - really shines. The Model SL-20IR Night Vision Video Light is an infrared video light using 36 high efficiency infrared LEDs to penetrate the darkness. It gives you an invisible light source for your camcorder when shooting at night. With an effective range of up to 75' you can catch nighttime footage of your favorite wild life (including those friends around the campfire). The ruby colored lens is treated to diffuse the light evenly to avoid hot spots. The unique, patent pending, interlocking design allows the user to link the lights together into an infinite number of configurations. Both models give off very low heat and are safe to the touch.

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