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"See the Difference" as Phase One Hits the Road
Press Release

Booth 4992 - Phase One is going to be taking its new P series digital camera backs and Capture One software on the road, to 29 cities in 21 states across the USA. The "See the Difference" Roadshow will run from March 14 through October 19, 2006, and will showcase Phase One's digitial imaging solutions directly to America's professional photographers.

The "See the Difference" Roadshow seminar series is tailored to professional photographers intrigued by digital capture, and current DSLR users looking to take the next step in imaging excellence.

Attendees will learn how Phase One tools adapt to their needs, how they can streamline their digital workflow using Capture One software, as well as become familiar with the Phase One P 21, P 30, and P 45 digital backs.

The Phase One Pro Photo "See the Difference" seminars are free to attend. For information on seminar locations and dates, and to register visit