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News Co-Founder Creates Two Companies, Will Develop New Polaroid-Compatible Film
source: PMA Newsline

Dave Bias, co-founder of, announces the formation of two new Polaroid Corp.-related companies -- PolaPremium and The Impossible Project. Bias partnered with Dr. Florian Kaps, the proprietor of, which has been selling Polaroid film and cameras for the past three years out of Vienna, Austria.

The first new company, PolaPremium, is a partnership with Polaroid to celebrate Polaroid's history and to provide the public with the last quantities of Polaroid-manufactured film, cameras and other related items. Throughout 2009, the company will be releasing unique, limited edition and scavenged films, refurbished and new cameras, and other related items, says Bias.

The second company, The Impossible Project, will begin manufacturing new Polaroid-compatible film beginning in 2010. Kaps purchased the last Polaroid factory in Enschede, Holland, retaining the top eleven workers from the factory, and is currently experimenting with new techniques and sourcing materials needed to make film types compatible with Polaroid 600, SX-70 and Spectra cameras, says Bias.

Kaps and Bias have formed a new company here in the United States, and are officially beginning operations as the North American partner and distributor for PolaPremium. The new Impossible film may be distributed in the U.S. when it's available.