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Samsung Unveils Its 2008 Second-Half Digital Lineup

source: Samsung

source: Samsung

RIDGEFIELD PARK, N.J., July 16, 2008 -- Samsung today unveiled its 2008 second-half digital camera line up with the launch of four new models Ė the TL34HD, TL9, SL310W and SL201. Joining the company's growing array of advanced digital imaging solutions, these four new digital cameras bring new technologies to the industry and will be on retail shelves nationwide in time for the upcoming holiday shopping season.


Boasting an impressive resolution of 14.7 megapixels and renowned Schneider lens yielding a 28mm wide-angle focal length with 3.6x optical zoom, the TL34HD promises sharp, clear and detailed images with every shot. The most advanced point-and-shoot digital camera in Samsung's history, the TL34HD builds upon the success of its predecessor, the NV24HD, with the ability to capture high-definition video at a resolution of 720P along with Dual Image Stabilization.

Featuring an all-metal build, the TL34HD is pocket-sized with dimensions of 3.68'' x 2.34'' x 0.80''. Available in all-black, or silver with a red accent adding to the camera's elegance, the TL34HD takes camera design to a new level. Although compact, a large three inch touch-screen hVGA LCD dominates the back of the camera and is sure to turn heads no matter where the TL34HD may be used.

The TL34HD also pioneers Samsung's next generation Smart Touch 2.0 user interface, which further simplifies the way users navigate through the camera's comprehensive feature set. By incorporating touch-screen technology, users can now select and control various camera functions by interacting with the TL34HD's large three-inch touch screen LCD. Not only does this enhance the experience for the shooter and the operation of the Smart Touch interface, but it also provides for a much sleeker and attractive design.


Samsung's TL9 is an ultra compact, 10.0 megapixel digital camera highlighted by a large 2.7 inch LCD, internal 5x optical zoom as well as Dual Image Stabilization. The latest digital camera in Samsung's digital camera arsenal to feature MP3 and PMP capability, the TL9 sets itself apart from the crowd as a multimedia powerhouse.

The TL9 is encased in a silver, metal body, measuring 3.74'' x 2.36'' x 0.84'', and incorporates a unique design element which graces the top of the cameraís body - dual analog gauges. The small gauges, located next to the power button, display remaining battery life and memory capacity in a way thatís easy for the shooter to access while on the go. Thanks to the enhanced sensitivity of the TL9's CCD sensor, which features a maximum ISO of 1600, and the camera's Dual Image Stabilization, users can rest assured that they'll be able to capture images in low-light situations, especially when the use of a flash is not desired.

Shooters can also benefit from a comprehensive suite of automatic controls designed to help them capture better images, specifically portraits and group shots of family and friends. The TL9's Face Detection technology makes taking pictures of family and friends a snap, as it detects up to nine faces and automatically adjusts focus and exposure to ensure better composition and image quality.

Furthermore, Smile Shot automatically triggers the TL9 to take a photo only when the camera detects smiles on the subjects' faces, and Blink Detection will prevent a photo from being taken if the camera recognizes that a subjectís eyes are closed -- a useful feature as it's often difficult to distinguish closed eyes when composing a shot on an LCD screen.


Ideal for the step-up shooter, the SL310W is highlighted by features commonly found on higher-end, more expensive digital cameras, including an impressive resolution of 13.6 megapixels, Dual Image Stabilization, 2.7 inch LCD, and a 3.6x, 28mm wide-angle optical zoom lens which significantly improves the user's ability to photograph more of a desired scene.

Unlike a standard 35mm lens which is commonly found on compact digital cameras, the SL310W's 28mm wide-angle lens gives consumers the ability to expand their creativity and take even more moving and emotional images. Ideal for a variety of scenarios, users can easily leverage the increased viewing angle of the SL310W's wide-angle lens, especially when shooting landscapes or groups of family or friends.

The SL310W offers a number of user-friendly features, including 11 scene modes, auto red eye fix and MPEG-4 video recording. The camera also features Self Portrait, Face Detection, Blink Detection, and Smile Shot technology, all which help enhance the digital imaging experience for the shooter.

The SL310W also offers Function Description and a Photo Help Guide. Function Description automatically provides a brief and easy to understand description of each setting when scrolling through the camera's menus, helping the end-user determine which setting is appropriate for their current shooting scenario. The camera's Photo Help Guide is another intuitive component incorporated into the digital camera. Photo Help Guide offers the end-user a guided tour of how to take better images as well as easy-to-follow tips instructing them how to obtain excellent results.


The Samsung SL201 is an ultra-slim, compact point-and-shoot digital camera featuring a resolution of 10.2 megapixels, a 3x optical zoom lens and large 2.7-inch intelligent LCD which will automatically brighten or dim based on available lighting.

For added versatility, the new SL201 features Face Detection, Self Portrait, and Digital Image Stabilization technology. Face Detection makes taking pictures of family and friends a snap as it automatically detects up to nine faces and automatically adjusts focus and exposure to ensure better composition and image quality.

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