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Rolleiflex, Horseman Cameras and Rodenstock HR Filters Now Being Sold at Camera Outlets

Direct Source Marketing, the U.S. distributor for medium and large format Horseman and Rolleiflex professional cameras and Rodenstock filters, has announced that its family of integrated products is now in photo outlets coast to coast.

D.S.M. was created last year as a result of the joint venture between Komamura Corporation, a long time distributor of Rollei and Horseman products in Japan, and Franke & Heidecke, the Germany-based manufacturer of Rollei professional products and Horseman components.

D.S.M.'s integrated approach is designed to give professional and prosumer photographers a family of integrated products that allow photographers to easily interchange lenses, backs, and accessories without having to outsource. This saves time, money, and prevents product obsolescence.

In less than a year, D.S.M. has made significant inroads in the marketplace.

"Our rapid success has been due to quality products with excellent pricing, a unique integrated product philosophy and a team of reps and regional managers with many years of top-level experience in the professional photo marketplace," said Richard Dischler, General Manager for D.S.M.

Dischler is a good example of the extensive experience of the D.S.M. team. Dischler has been behind the camera as a photographer, manufacturer's rep, and regional and national sales manager for 32 years.

Tosh Komamura, president of Komamura Corporation, has seen his company become one of the world's leaders in professional photography. In addition to manufacturing a wide range of Horseman cameras, including the SW612 Pro, the 3D, the LD Pro, and SW-DII Pro, Komamura has gained exclusive distribution rights for numerous German photo products in Japan, such as Rolleiflex, Rodenstock, Gossen, B&W and Minox. In the U.S., Komamura has exclusive distribution rights thru D.S.M. for Horseman, Rollei, and Rodenstock filters.

D.S.M. management includes Ron Leven, Eastern Regional Sales Manager, a 34 year vet with many of those years spent as a top exec at Schneider; Bernd Franke, Eastern Region Tech Manager, formerly vice president of Rollei USA LLC, and Ray Olson, National Technical Manager, who has worked for Rollei U.S.A., Canon, and Pro Camera Rental and Supply.

In addition, D.S.M. has assembled a team of field representatives with broad industry experience.

The joint venture, thru D.S.M., offers the wide-angle Horseman SW-D II Pro; the Horseman LD Pro, a movement camera for DSLR's; the Horseman 6x17 cm Super Panorama camera; the Rollei 6008 AF digital "Bundle"; the Rollei X-ACT 2, the first portable medium-format monorail camera, and a Horseman 3D stereo camera.

In addition to its cameras and components, D.S.M. has begun distributing a series of Rodenstock HR advanced filters designed to bring out the best in optical performance for the new, advanced digital standards.

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