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Red Boot Design, SilverBack Team Up to Help Photographers Be More Productive

Bend, OR (July 21, 2008) -- Red Boot Design, a Division of Kubota Photo Design, Inc., is pleased to announce that they are working with SilverBack Imaging & Design to provide a turn-key post-production solution for busy event photographers.

Conveniently, photographers can now submit images to SilverBack for post-production work, and then SilverBack can send final images on to Red Boot Design if their customer chooses. Or, if a photographer is already used to working directly with Red Boot Design, they can submit their images to Red Boot Design and they will send the images to SilverBack for processing work, and then use the finished images from SilverBack to design and produce the client’s album order.

"The best part of this business relationship is that when busy professional photographers use Red Boot Design and SilverBack together for their post-production needs, they can once again focus on their photography and on promoting their own business, rather than spending time on processing work that can be outsourced at a reasonable price," said Lindsey Isaacson, lead designer of Red Boot Design. "We are thrilled to be recommending SilverBack's high-quality services to our clients and look forward to working with them."

The cost of post-production work and album design will be the same for both companies, whether a client originally starts with Red Boot Design or SilverBack. As always, clients will have a say in both their post-production and album design orders -- SilverBack provides an extensive questionnaire for first-time customers to make sure they get the images to look exactly as the client likes them and Red Boot Design also has an extensive order form where clients can provide as little or as much direction as they would like.

Given the critical attention to detail that it requires, album design can be a time consuming process for busy professional photographers. Red Boot Design relieves photography studios worldwide of this task, allowing photographers to completely focus on capturing stories through the lens of their camera and not having to worry about final album design. After the pictures have been taken, photographers can then turn to Red Boot Design for all types of artistic styles, designs and album layouts.

Red Boot Design and professional wedding photographers have the same goal in mind -- to tell a story by transforming a collection of images into a priceless keepsake.

Red Boot Design and AsukaBook USA offer a complete turnkey album solution for photographers with the utmost convenience. Photographers simply send Red Boot Design their high resolution digital image files, and their experienced designers create a tasteful layout that exhibits the photographers' work to its fullest artistry. The layout can then be immediately sent to AsukaBook for print production. Red Book Design also designs for any other album company, always leaving the choice to the individual photography studio.

Whether the photographer's specialty is photographing weddings, portraits, or landscapes, Red Boot Design will keep them behind the lens. For more information view their gallery at