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RadioShack Announces Changes in Store Operations, Management Structure

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (September 2008) - At the company's annual vendor conference, RadioShack Corporation introduced its new organizational structure under Executive Vice President of Store Operations Bryan Bevin. The company has established a new retail store management structure that is better aligned to support the company's goals.

"This new structure enables us to intensify our focus on productivity down to a local level and enhance our customers' overall shopping experience," Bevin said. "We are now better prepared to pursue local marketing opportunities while achieving greater continuity and consistency in store execution nationwide. This area structure also supports the continued professional development of our management teams at the local level."

The retail operations in the United States are now comprised of five areas, each of which is overseen by its own area vice president reporting to Bevin. Each area vice president directs the activities of five regional sales directors and a dedicated support staff. Each regional sales director is responsible for an average of 10 districts. Each district manager is responsible for approximately 15 to 20 stores.

The area vice presidents in the U.S. include:

Bill Nebes - Northeast Area. Nebes joined RadioShack in 2008.

Steve Schmidt - Southeast Area. Schmidt joined RadioShack in 1985.

Sal Todaro - Great Lakes Area. Todaro joined RadioShack in 2007.

Gregory Pattakos - Southwest Area. Pattakos joined RadioShack in 2008.

Tom Schultz - West Area. Schultz joined RadioShack in 1977.

Store operations in the Caribbean will remain under the leadership of John Wissinger, vice president, who also reports to Bevin. Wissinger joined RadioShack in 1983.

In addition to the changes accomplished in the field:

Debi Gladu, vice president of central operations, joined RadioShack in September 2008.

Kathy Buckley, vice president of finance, reporting to the chief financial officer, was promoted to her current position in 2008 to provide full-time support to retail store operations.

In addition to the management changes RadioShack unveiled a system-wide plan to upgrade 4,000 neighborhood stores.

The plans to upgrade its merchandise presentations in approximately 4,000 neighborhood stores nationwide was announced at its annual vendor conference. Store upgrades will include redesigned interactive wireless and GPS displays and enhanced signage. The company plans to upgrade the majority of its 4,000 stores in time for the holiday shopping season with any remaining stores set to receive the upgrades early next year.

"We've created a more organized store that is easier to navigate. Our new interactive displays are designed to house entire product categories. This will help customers compare and contrast product features and aid them in focusing on questions they may have of our knowledgeable staff members," said Peter Whitsett, RadioShack's executive vice president, general merchandising manager.

"We know our customers' technology needs are constantly changing; our upgraded store format will allow customers to identify the best personal technology solutions for their needs.

"We have created presentations that respond to our time-constrained customers' need to make complex technology decisions quickly," he said.

"The fixture modifications will allow a higher level of customer interactivity across RadioShack's broad assortment of small and portable electronics."

At the same time, the Company is extensively remodeling 14 stores in targeted markets for further evaluation. These specific locations will include more dramatic changes in color, store design and signage than the system-wide upgrade.

The company stated that both of these projects are within the previously stated capital expenditure plan of $80-$100 million for fiscal year 2008.

About RadioShack Corporation

RadioShack Corporation (NYSE: RSH) is one of the nation's most experienced and trusted consumer electronics specialty retailers. Operating from convenient and comfortable neighborhood and mall locations, RadioShack stores deliver personalized product and service solutions within a few short minutes of where most Americans either live or work.

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