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Quik Pod Handheld Extendable Tripod Releases Two New Models at PMA

Quik Pod

PMA '09-- Two new models of the world famous Quik PodŽ Handheld Extendable Tripod released at PMA. Take a look at new models at PMA Booth L213.

With the Quik PodŽ you're able to take self-portraits of yourself, friends and family without the help of strangers. A panoramic self-image mirror on the Quik PodŽ allows you to center yourself perfectly in each shot.

The days of holding out your arm only to get poor picture results are over. No more asking strangers to hold your camera. No more waiting for strangers to stop walking in front of your camera. A person simply holds the extended Quik PodŽ with camera attached and perfectly framed photos and videos are captured without the help of strangers.

There is a Quik PodŽ for all camera types from point and shoot, camcorders to DSLR cameras.

-The Quik PodŽ Pro+ Precision

Universal Two Axis Leveling Adapter can be used for handhelp and tabletop tripod use! Enables you to keep your camera level at all times. New for PMA '09!

- The Quik PodŽ Pro+ Precision

The longest compact handheld extendable tripod! It extends to 38.5" (98 cm), and closes to 9"(23cm). Stainless steel rods. New for PMA '09!

- The Quik PodŽ Pro+

Converts from handheld use to tabletop in seconds and weighs no more than a pair of sunglasses. Waterproof and constructed of the same materials as airplane windows.

- The Quik PodŽ DSLR

Can hold 8 lb. cameras yet weighs only 9 ounces. Converts from handheld to a 53" monopod in seconds.

We invite you to see a demo of all products by inventor Wayne Fromm at PMA Booth L213. Please click here Berkenfeld for more.

The Quik PodŽ U.S. Patent Application Publication #20070053680 and Foreign Pat. Pend.