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Purosol Shows Lens Some Love with New Cleaning Solution at PMA

Pasadena, CA (March 3, 2009) -- If you have been using any old cleaning solution to get the dirt off your expensive multicoated lens, stop abusing your camera. Show your lens some love and pass by the International Supplies booth T208 at the 2009 PMA Show. The distribution specialists will be giving a sneak peak at a revolutionary new cleaning solution that uses advanced enzyme technology to effectively and safely remove the dirt off your lens without streaking, smearing or damaging your lens coatings, thus leaving your lens looking and feeling brand new. It is called Purosol.

Purosol is an advanced cleaning formula that was originally developed for NASA and the U.S. military to safely clean their lenses and high-end electronic displays. Unlike ordinary lens cleaners, which contain alcohol, ammonia and other harsh solvents that can strip away at your lens surface, Purosol is made with a proprietary blend of organic plant extracts so it is completely safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. It does not use solvents, detergents or soaps of any kind in its formula so it will not leave anything behind that can further damage your equipment, or the environment.

"Consumers spend so much money on their cameras and lenses, yet they do not realize that the use of harsh chemical cleaners can actually damage their lenses over time," says Purosol's Vice President Steven D'Antoni. "Purosol cleans, protects and preserves your coated lenses, plasma screens, glasses, and other pricey items without harming their surfaces. Plus, it is totally natural so it is safe for the environment and for people who are sensitive or allergic to solvent-based chemicals."

Purosol’s natural enzymes break down the molecules that cause dirt, salt, oil, and grime to adhere to various surfaces. As a result, Purosol safely and effectively cleans without damaging your valuables. Purosol also creates an anti-static barrier that repels dust, so that less frequent cleaning is required.

Purosol comes in four different versions:

- Purosol Optical Lens Cleaner : safe to use on all coated lenses and optical devices including eyewear, cameras, binoculars, microscopes, telescopes, digital projectors and gun sights.

- Purosol Plasma Cleaner : designed to be used with LCD, plasma displays, computer screens, DLP, OLED, and touch screen displays.

- Purosol Sport/Marine Cleaner: safe to use on all electronic displays, navigational instruments, diving equipment, cameras, binoculars, rods and reels, GPS devices, and other personal electronics.

- Purosol Jewelry Cleaner: designed to be used with delicate gem stones and jewelry which cannot be cleaned with traditional cleaners, such as pearls, opals, coral, bone, jade, and turquoise.

Purosol is available at, Adorama, B&H Photo and Video, Samy's Camera, and other independent retailers nationwide. The suggested retail price for a one-ounce bottle of Purosol is $12.95 and it comes with a high quality micro fiber cloth. A larger kit is also available that includes a one-ounce and four-ounce bottle of Purosol, and two micro fiber cloths. The suggested retail price is $29.95.

For more information on Purosol and its products, please visit or call (800) 999-1984.

Purosol, which is made in the USA, represents the culmination of 20 years of research and development. Originally developed for NASA and the U.S. military, Purosol is certified for space technology by the Space Foundation, one of the world’s premier nonprofit organizations supporting space activities, space professionals, and education. It should be noted that Purosol is still being used by the U.S. Space Program today. Purosol is the leader in environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions.