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Police Officer Wins Competition for Tsunami Image
Birmingham Evening Mail

A KINGSTANDING cop who helped identify the victims of the Boxing Day tsunami has won a photography competition with an image of his grim task.

Officer Robin Slater spent two tours in Phuket, Thailand, last year as part of the international effort to put a name to the victims.

And it was an image of workers standing outside the giant freezer containers acting as a temporary mortuary that won him this year's National Police Photographer of the Year Award.

The Centrex competition, now in its fifth year, was set up to acknowledge the work of police photographers across the country.

Robin, an amateur photographer, said he captured the moment after being moved by the scene as bodies were brought out each day.

He said: "The photograph shows a group of Thai Army and international body handling teams opening the freezers early in the morning.

"I had noticed the day before that on first opening them, the humid air outside rushed into the containers and mixed with the freezer air inside, creating a carpet of dry ice for about five seconds which looked really weird in the early morning sun.

" I made sure I was ready the following day with my camera, as I would only get one shot. Luckily it turned out well."

Married father-of-two Robin, from Tamworth, was plucked from his day job along with colleagues Steve Harborne and Andy Price because of their expertise.

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