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Photrade Launches First of its Kind Photo Contest Platform

Las Vegas, NV - September 25, 2008 - At BlogWorldExpo today, introduced a new photo contest platform, where anyone can create and run a customized photo contest with just a few clicks.

The Photrade photo contest platform is the first of its kind, allowing anyone - individuals, brands, bloggers or publications-to set up customized photo contests and harness the power of user generated media and social networking. To kick-off the launch, Photrade hosted the Apple Aperture Nature Photography Workshops contest, where winners receive a paid trip to shoot at National Parks and learn from the pros.

The Photrade contest platform is free and provides everything needed to run a contest. The platform has highly customizable features including: designating rules, # of entries, voting, judging, moderation and entry requirements. Photrade Contests increase user interaction and involvement, by offering social networking features, including voting, commenting and discussion boards.

Photrade has an easy-to-use interface for participants to upload their photos, vote for winning photos, promote their entry and discuss the contest.

Photrade also offers a premium version of its contest platform which is ideal for brands or organizations that want to extend their branding or flexibility in hosting photo contests, without the headaches and cost of creating a customized solution. Premium features include complete branding and customization of the contest, user data collection and reporting, moderation of entries and off-site hosting.

With the growth in user generated media and brands who seek ways to build engagement online, the Photrade contest platform offers a highly interactive engagement platform. Photrade premium products cost a fraction of typical custom photo contest sites created from scratch. launched its public beta website on September 8, 2008 at DEMOfall for photographers pros and amateurs alike - to share, protect and make money from their photos online. The contest platform is the newest addition to the site.

Founded in 2006, Photrade is the first free photography website where photographers can protect, share, and make money from their photos. Photrade creates an entire photo marketplace within one site, bringing together sharing, selling prints, selling stock and providing free ad-supported legally licensed image content all under one domain. For more information, visit: