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Photosynth Technology Captures the 44th President Staff Report

January 21, 2009-The news network CNN highly promoted its use of Photosynth technology on-air during inauguration night.

It invited users to join in making a photo of the swearing-in ceremony by logging on to its website and downloading their photos.

Photosynth is a Microsoft Labs technology that creates 3D spaces from anyone's 2D photos.

In effect, one photo can become a collaboration, continually adding detail to particular portions of a larger picture.

In a segment on its website called "The Moment," viewers can download their own inaugural shots to the website to become part of the larger photo on the inauguration, with each inch containing the highest of detail-from President Obama with his hand on Abe Lincoln's bible to the people sitting directly behind him to even some of those in the crowd.

CNN even assigned some of its own photographers to the project by placing them in the the crowd immediately surrounding the Capitol. Those images served as the start to the photo experiment.

Hundreds of thousands of synths are viewable on and at