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Photojournalist Damaso Reyes Becomes Fulbright Scholar

Photojournalist Damaso Reyes has been chosen to become a Fulbright Scholar. Next year he will an artist in residence at the Museums Quartier in Vienna where he will continue work on The Europeans project.

"There is little doubt in my mind that this is indeed a turning point in my life, one that I have worked very hard to achieve," he says.

Just days after he learned of the Fulbright, while he was happily snapping away in Hamburg, Reyes received an email notifying him of an additional honor as one of 10 American journalists selected to receive an Arthur Burns Fellowship.

"Thatís right, this summer I will be back in Germany, working for a local publication, stirring things up. It truly is an embarrassment of riches but after hearing the word 'NO' so many times over the years these two fellowships allow me a sigh of relief," he says.

Reyes said that during one of his many walks in the woods over the past few weeks he often thought of what he would do after his time at Solitude ended. He began conjuring creative ways of keeping the project going and none of them satisfied him.

"Now I have a little more breathing room to continue to create. I look forward to taking full advantage!"

Additionally, earlier this year Reyes was honored with a first place award at the annual New York Association of Black Journalists dinner. The award was in the under 150,000 circulation newspaper division for the series he did in the Amsterdam News chronicling Malaria in Tanzania.

Visit his new images from Germany at . For the past three months Reyes has been a fellow at Akadamie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart where he has been working on a long-term photographic documentary project examining how Europe and its people are changing as a result of the expansion and integration of the European Union.

Since Reyes is now living in Europe full time, the best way to keep up with the project is to log on to the website and check out the new blog, which is updated several times a week.