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Photography Duo Announce First Solo Exhibition and Their New Show on Bravo Network

Los Angeles, Calif - (October 31, 2008) Markus Klinko and Indrani are the photography team that represents all that is "sensational, powerful and extraordinary" in the fast-paced, high intensity world of glamorous photography. Their meteoric rise in the photography business will be lauded as they announce their first solo exhibition, ICONS, to be presented by the Farmani Gallery in both New York and Los Angeles in spring/summer of 2009.

"We have been fortunate to work with many artists at the top of their fields, provocative celebrities who are the subject of intense public interest. In our image-making, we seek to reveal those qualities which make them extraordinary, their personality, their aura, beauty and power", says Indrani. The news of their fist solo exhibition and accompanying monograph (publisher TBA) comes on the heels of many announcements and events involving the pair.

Bravo Network announced yesterday that the team will be the focus of a new television show called Double Exposure (working title).

It is a docu-series that follows the renowned art and fashion duo, photographer Markus Klinko and his partner and former girlfriend, model and photographer Indrani, giving viewers a taste of the fast-paced world of high fashion and celebrity photography. From album covers for Davie Bowie and Beyoncé to prize-winning photographs of celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Kate Winslet, the duo has shot virtually every contemporary boldface name and countless other iconic images for fashion campaigns and magazines. With two former lovers working together 18 hours a day in incredibly high-stress environments, filled with deadlines, stretched budgets, expensive locations and demanding talent, it's not unusual for sparks to fly both on camera and outside the frame.

The Keep A Child Alive organization dedicated to fighting the AIDS pandemic has tapped the duo to photograph the 2009 Mother Africa campaign, with numerous celebrities which will be featured in Vogue and Conde Nast Publications. The concept behind the photographs is that each child needs a mother. Previous campaign photographers have been Michael Thompson and Mark Seliger.

The November issue of MIAMI magazine features the pair on the cover, on the other side of the lens. A feature article announces their tie into Art Photo Expo Miami's IN FASHION PHOTO, during Art Basel, Miami, which will be exhibiting images of theirs in a group show of the most highly acclaimed fashion photographers of the world. 
Appearances and attention are non-stop as the pair were recently seen presenting the Photography Magazine of the Year Award onstage at Lincoln Center, New York during the prestigious Lucie Awards gala ceremony, the OSCARS of the photography industry, on Monday, October 20.

"In a world where authenticity is an autograph and reality a genre of TV, our images provide society a mirror to reflect upon its ideals and devotions.

"With this exhibition we seek to encourage viewers to question what makes these individuals so beloved. What do they represent for each of us, what roles have we assigned them to play, that they inspire such passions in us? Why do we as a society raise them up to be larger than life, blur the lines between fantasy and reality, admiration and obsessive cult behavior, appoint them as deities for public consumption, then rip them apart if they reveal human frailties? As they shine so brightly, we hope that ICONS will inspire its viewers to also reflect upon the long shadows cast."