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Photography Banned at Train Stations in Australia
Courier Mail - Australia

Queensland rail

April 17, 2008-- TRAINSPOTTERS and tourists could be forcibly removed from train stations if they take photographs of "transport infrastructure" because Queensland Rail guidelines may deem it an act of terrorism.

The guidelines, which were updated last September, state members of the public must identify themselves to rail staff before they start taking photographs of trains, platforms and, even Go Card machines.

QR's acting Passenger Services Executive General Manager Andy Taylor said a common sense approach to each situation was being adopted by station staff, but the guidelines were because of the threat of terrorism.

"We've had people take photos of luggage lockers and that worries me," Taylor told The Courier-Mail online.

"This is really about transport infrastructure and a Go Card machine is transport infrastructure.

"It comes down common sense and what the scene is.

"If you have a family with little kids at the train station taking photographs you would feel a little bit easier than one man with a professional looking camera taking photos."

Under QR's guidelines, no photographs at all are to be taken during peak periods or at busy train stations.

And anyone using a camera, should refrain from wearing a safety vests or wearing red, yellow or green near signals.

Taylor said that QR would revisit their guidelines later this year.

Yesterday, QR staff at Toowong station forced ABC breakfast host Spencer Howson to delete several images, which included one of a Go Card machine, on his digital camera or he risked being fined.

"This afternoon, there were no fewer than seven ticket inspectors. The bloke inside the ticket box said they were 'in training'. Fair enough, I thought," Spencer wrote on his ABC blog.

"I'd love to show you the photo I took, but one particularly insistent ticket inspector forced me to delete the pic from my camera.

"If not, he said, he would issue me with an on-the-spot fine under the anti-terrorism act!"