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PhotoBox Launches PhotoBox Mosaic

London - today launches Photobox Mosaic, an exciting and innovative application for sharing and printing digital photographs. The interactive micro-site adds a new dimension to PhotoBox - the UK's no.1 one destination for online sharing, storing and printing of digital photography, and allows you to be part of a bigger picture by simply uploading your own photos to

Mosaics are typically made up of hundreds or even thousands of smaller pieces that when combined, present you with an amazing biggerpicture. PhotoBox Mosaic allows you to build up one large photo created from hundreds of your own personal photographs, or be part of an online community with your friends and online photo fans from all around the world. With two great formats, PhotoBox Mosaic has something for everyone.

MY Mosaic - Upload your favourite digital image onto the PhotoBox Mosaic website and your picture will be split into 1,600 distinct Mosaic squares. Each one can then be filled with other images of your choice. You don't have to choose all the images yourself as MY Mosaic lets you invite your friends and family to add their own photos, enabling you all to build up a giant shared memory of digital images. If you don't have enough photos to fill all of the squares in your PhotoBox Mosaic - the photos will automatically be duplicated to fill the empty squares when you decide to close it.

Perfect for sharing memories from holidays to festivals, birthdays to weddings and everything in-between, the PhotoBox Mosaic is a cool, unique way to celebrate your personal events and enjoy your digital images online. It's simple to use - just pick and choose your favourite images, load them onto the site and make your Mosaic!

WIN Mosaic- Allows you to win great prizes, from digital cameras to fantastic PhotoBox products, with new prizes being added all the time. To be in with a chance to win, simply upload your own image into one of the ready made WIN Mosaics and if you happen to put your photo into the winning square, you'll win the top prize! You can also invite others to upload their own photos and they'll be automatically added next to your own to create a halo effect' made up of all your friends. If you or one of your friends is chosen as the winner, the eight surrounding 'halo' photos all win runner up prizes - so you and your Mosaic friends all win.

Ben Ferrier, marketing manager at PhotoBox says, "We aim to engage our members and encourage them to interact with the PhotoBox site and be a part of a greater online community. Innovations such as PhotoBox Mosaic set PhotoBox aside from being just a standard photo service, and is the latest addition to our wide range of services."

Completed Mosaics can be printed onto a variety of PhotoBox products from poster prints to mugs to t-shirts. Encourage your friends to add their photos from your shared times into your Mosaic and create a lasting, original memory of special occasions or fun nights out.

For more information about PhotoBox Mosaic please visit