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Photo Books, DVDs, Cards, Envelopes and Calendars to Help Photo Retailers Worldwide Increase Profits

Vienna, Virginia, USA, October 11, 2007 – Lucidiom released an upgrade to its award-winning APM photo kiosk software, an integral part of its Lucidiom EQ solution, to increase photo retailers' profit potential around the globe.

Lucidiom's EQ is the hardware, software, consumables and marketing solution that allows photofinishing retailers to go beyond the simple photo print and offer a wide variety of creative products. "The enhancements that are part of APM 5.1 highlight what the Lucidiom EQ system is all about," said Lucidiom CTO Jason Pareti.

"With this version, we've expanded the types of products retailers can offer to their customers, creating more profit potential for them, while at the same time making the software easier to use and the kiosk more customizable for each retailer's individual business needs."

Powered by APM 5.1, Lucidiom EQ brings a suite of creative products such as photo books, folded cards, envelopes, calendars and DVD Cinema, in-house for the international market. With flexible content options to accommodate other languages, a screen interface usable in any of 18 languages, a chip and pin payment gateway system for the U.K. and a shopping cart feature that makes it easy for customers to combine a variety of products into one order, 5.1 brings the EQ solution fully into the international playing field.

Photo books are available in inches (12x12, 11x8½, 8½x11, 6x6), and now in 5.1, metric measurements (A4 and A5) are also available. Photo books come in both 20-page and 40-page sizes in black linen, red linen, blue linen, white linen, black leather and brown leather cover options. Photo books are part of the APM's Photo Folio product line, which comes with a variety of designs and layouts for not only books, but cards, calendars and envelopes as well. The Lucidiom EQ solution contains all the components a retailer needs to produce and sell photo books, including the APM kiosk, Photo Folio content, EQ-9800 printer, Unibind book binder and point-of-sale marketing assistance.

The APM 5.1 version contains more than modifications specifically for the international market, however. One significant change that store staff will notice right away is the increased speed with which jobs are printed on the EQ-9800 laser printer. The EQ-9800 printer is central to the Lucidiom EQ solution, enabling retailers to offer high-quality creative products on the APM kiosk and produce them right in the store. The APM 5.1's Photo Folio product line utilizes the flexibility and speed of the EQ-9800 printer, allowing consumers to create fun and versatile photo books, folded cards, envelopes and bound calendars, in multiple sizes, on-site.

Another addition to the APM in version 5.1 is the ability for consumers to create the popular ZoomAlbum, a 2½" square mini-album, at the kiosk and have it printed in the store while they wait.

Through the APM, consumers also can make high-margin DVD Cinema discs—a photo slideshow that is styled, customized and set to music. Consumers can choose as many as 200 photos from their media cards to put on the disc and how they want them arranged, as well select DVD frames, music and transition styles.

Other consumer benefits in 5.1 include the enhanced PhotoIQ tools with Colour-Science i2e integration for automatic color correction. The new Copy Photo tool gives customers a means to duplicate a photo in their set so that they can apply different manipulations (color, cropping, text, etc.) to it. For example, using the Copy Photo tool a customer could order an 8x10 enlargement of a given photo in both color and black and white.

In addition, retailers can integrate their Kodak auto-feed scanners with the APM, through APM 5.1's new scanning features and the purchase of an APM Stack Scanner License. Also, non-photo files such as movies and audio clips can be burned to image CDs.

Lucidiom's EQ solution is designed to help photo retailers worldwide work smarter and faster so they can expand their product offerings and boost their profits.

With OEM and independent retail clients around the globe, Lucidiom Inc. enables retailers to develop their digital image-based revenue streams. As the leading provider of flexible and brand-independent photo kiosks, Lucidiom's innovative solutions, all connected via the APM Network, include the Lucidiom EQ complete imaging system; APM photo kiosk; Luci creative program; Photo Folio Bundle of photo books, folded cards and bound calendars; APM ProfitWatcher statistics tracker; Photo Finale software suite; and Lab 50 and Print Station job management systems. For more information about how Lucidiom empowers the "Go Beyond 4x6" digital imaging movement, visit