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Panasonic Launches Company's First DSLR at PMA
Press Release

Booths 4303, 4309, 4321 - Panasonic has announced the development of their first interchangeable-lens digital SLR camera, the LUMIX DMC-L1 at a press conference yesterday at PMA, here in Orlando.

The DMC-L1 is an entirely new kind of digital SLR camera, operated much like a traditional film camera but providing a variety of innovative features that will increase the fun of shooting photos for its users. While the DMC-L1 is digital, it has a classic analog design reminiscent of traditional cameras. These characteristics, together with a shutter speed control dial on the camera body and an aperture ring on the LEICA D CARIO-ELMARIT 14-50mm/F2.8-3.5 lens 9also being introduced), distinguish the DMC-L1 from conventional digital SLRs in both design and operation.

Because it is digital, the DMC-L1 can offer features such as a full-time Live View function through the large 2.5-inch high-resolution LCD, which offers a shooting style different from conventional digital SLRs that have only an optical viewfinder. The full-time Live View is made possible by the new Live MOS sensor, developed using Panasonic's original Maicovicon technology. Used in the DMC-L1, the 4/3-type Live MOS sensor with 7.5 million pixels provides both the outstanding image quality of a CCD and the low energy consumption for whith CMOS sensors are known. The DMC-L1 also incorporates the Venus Engine III image processing LSI, which teams up with the Live MOS sensor to achieve stunning picture quality and responsive performance, with features such as rapid consecutive shooting.