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PMDA Survey Reveals Digital Cameras Dominate the Market

New York, NY— PMDA (PhotoImaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association) — the professional photography association — and — the premier non-profit photography web site — recently hosted an online opinion survey asking participants about their shutterbug habits.

After 10 months, the polls have closed and the results are in! Respondents overwhelmingly declared a preference for digital cameras, home printers and backup CDs, underscoring the rising popularity of online picture sharing, do-it-yourself printing and “just-in-case” photo storage.

According to the survey, 86 percent of the respondents use digital cameras while only 13 percent are still using film cameras. A mere one percent use disposable cameras. Forty-five percent print photos on home printers, 27 percent bring theirs to retail shops and six percent take advantage of web sites that offer printing services. Sixteen percent use more than one source. An incredible seventy-two percent burn photos to CD, suggesting consumers are relying on secondary storage devices more than ever to keep their photos safe. Six percent use photo storage web sites and four percent use memory cards while only ten percent trust their computers will never crash.

The survey results also highlighted the popularity but limited usage of cell phone cameras – 41 percent own cell phone cameras but only eight percent make prints from them – and revealed some insight into which member of the family is the primary shutterbug -- 48 percent said dads take the most photos in the family, edging out moms by 15 percent. Nineteen percent of participants said children take the most photos.

"The results of PMDA's photo survey indicate that consumers are developing their photos without leaving their homes," said Matt Knickerbocker, PMDA President. "With advances in home printers as well as increasing availability of in-store and Internet based printing, everything they need is now right at their fingertips."

PMDA Complete Poll Results

Which kind of camera do you use? 1. Regular Film Camera 13 % 2. Digital Camera 86 % 3. Single-Use Camera 1 %

How often do you make prints from your digital camera? 1. Usually 43 % 2. Sometimes 41 % 3. Never 16 %

Which kind of camera do you use most often? 1. Film Camera 13 % 2. Digital Camera 86 % 3. Single-Use Camera 1 %

Who takes the most pictures in your family? 1. Mom 33 % 2. Dad 48 % 3. Kids 19 %

What kind of digital prints look the best? 1. The ones I make at home on my ink jet printer 42 % 2. The ones I get at a photo shop 43 % 3. The ones I order through the Internet 15 %

Do you own a cell phone camera? 1. Yes 41 % 2. No 59 %

If you own a cell phone camera, what do you do with the images you take with it? 1. View them on the screen 73 % 2. Upload them to send to friends 19 % 3. Make prints 8 %

Have you ever made prints from your cell phone camera? 1. Yes 8 % 2. No 92 %

Which way do you prefer to make prints from your digital camera? 1. On my home printer 45 % 2. Bring to photo shop 20 % 3. I use more than one of these options 16 % 4. I never make prints 6 % 5. Send to photo shop via Internet to pick up later 7 % 6. Send to Internet site to have prints mailed back 6 %

Have you ever used a self-serve photo kiosk to make prints from your digital camera? 1. Yes 24 % 2. No 76 %

If you have used a self-serve photo kiosk, was it easy to understand and use? 1. Yes 64 % 2. More or less; I needed a little help 16 % 3. It was a pain 10 % 4. I gave up 9 %

If you have used a self-serve photo kiosk, did you like the prints it made? 1. Yes, they looked the same as regular photo prints 32 % 2. They were ok 43 % 3. I wouldn't do it again 25 %

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