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PMA and MemoryTrends Tradeshows to Co-Locate in 2008
Photography and Scrapbooking continue their Convergence

It has been confirmed by PMA that the Photo Marketing Association International (PMAI), which holds its annual convention and trade show each year in Q1, and MemoryTrends Conference and Expo, now in its 8th year, will be co-locating their 2008 shows in Las Vegas from January 31-February 2, 2008, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. PMA holds the largest U.S. convention and tradeshow for the photographic market each year; and the MemoryTrends Conference and Expo is the largest show in the U.S. dedicated to scrapbooking.

MemoryTrends will hold its previously scheduled 2007 show, as planned, from September 18-20, 2007, at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas. The co-location of the two tradeshows will begin in 2008.

A spokesman for PMAI confirmed on Friday, June 29th, what had been rumored on a number of scrapbooking websites and blogs for the past couple of weeks.

"We believe that the scrapbooking industry will be best served within the PMA organization," said Ted Fox, executive director of PMA. "We have the talent and resources to add value to every business within the scrapbooking community. Our goal is clearly to grow every business that is tied to the photo community. We know that with scrapbooking, it starts with the photo, moves to the story, and ends up as a creative expression of events, times, and/or places that are important to the lives of scrapbooking and photo consumers."

The new event will offer expanded, targeted educational and buying opportunities to retailers in both the photo and scrapbooking markets. MemoryTrends will work with PMA on its international shows as well, focusing on bringing dynamic conference programming to a new market and providing new global exhibiting opportunities to manufacturers. The international events will be held in Canada in September 2007 and Australia in 2008.

CKMedia CEO, Dave O’Neil, stated: "Partnering MemoryTrends with PMA is a very exciting initiative that will allow scrapbooking/paper crafting manufacturers and retailers the opportunity to take memory preservation to the next level." He added, "We have exciting plans for the 2007 MemoryTrends Show in September leading up to a combined PMA/MemoryTrends Winter Show, and regional and international show schedule in 2008.”'s weekly newsletter of June 13, 2007 had published an article written by Dennis Conforto, CEO and president of A-Z Media, entitled "The Power of Market Synergy!" In the article, he stated that MemoryTrends would be co-locating with PMA 2008. He also noted that the SMART Store, which had first debuted at the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) show two years ago, would be part of the PMA/MemoryTrends event. The SMART Store is a showcase of the ideal scrapbooking store, complete with educational seminars for retailers on how to better merchandise their stores to bring in customers.

The Photo Marketing Association recenly purchased the Carlsbad, California-based SMART Group's membership and education. The SMART Group is The Scrapbooking Manufacturer and Retailer Trade Group, an industry group supporting the scrapbooking industry. The scrapbooking industry is currently estimated to bring in $2.5+ billion dollars yearly. According to The SMART Group, that number could grow to upwards of $40 billion dollars.

According to Conforto, the SMART Group's goal, "was to provide low-cost educational services to our members and help them not just survive but thrive. We believe this transaction is in the best interest of the members and scrapbook industry as a whole. It was never the intention of The SMART Group to be the educational arm for the industry for the long term. It was to kick-start the process and find a safe home where the guiding principles of the group could grow even faster. With PMA, this will occur."

"We have been impressed with PMA and their commitment to grow and expand everything related to the photo industry, including scrapbooking," he said. "PMA's worldwide network will help the scrapbook manufacturers grow, their educational programs will help retailers be more profitable, and their natural synergies will help greatly expand the scrapbooking message not only within the markets we are in today, but into new emerging marketplaces."