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PMA Launches PMA TV Website for Video Resources

JACKSON, Mich. -- PMA has conveniently placed all of its imaging video resources online at

PMA TV hosts free videos from PMA events, ideas to promote digital services, and training videos for staff, and more . Also provided are practical how-to clips. that demonstrate all fundamentals of imaging.

Some examples of the available content on PMA TV include:

* Keynote addresses and select sessions from PMA 07 International Convention and Trade Show, PMA 08 International Convention and Trade Show, 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference, and other PMA events

* Sample television spots from PMA AdMaker and various photo retailers

* Marketing presentations from Bill McCurry, Dr. Glenn Omura, and more

* Digital Quickstart training videos

* Practical how-to clips that demonstrate various imaging techniques

Further content is also planned at

The Worldwide Community of Imaging Associations As a professional trade association, PMA helps the worldwide photo imaging community achieve business success and adapt to new technologies.

Its commitment to 20,000 members in 100-plus countries is part of an 83-year legacy that connects business owners to a network of knowledge and support. PMA furthers this purpose through the development of educational programs and business services, marketing research, publications, and trade shows. As a nonprofit organization, any success enjoyed by PMA in its endeavors directly benefits the industry, allowing PMA to provide continual services and activities for members.