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OmegaSatter and Koh Introduce KOH HEPA JET AIR

Hanpstead, MD and PMA -- OmegaSatter and the the laboratories of Koh Global, LLC., have released the patent pending Koh HEPA JET AIR, which is the first HEPA filtered bulb blower to provide purified dust-free blasts of air to clear off dust from sensitive digital equipment. The two most damaging natural elements to sensitive electronic equipment is dust and humidity. Conventional bulbs draw air directly from the environment without any filtration, thus introducing dust and other particulates into the electronic device. By the use of a NIOSH approved HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of air particulates and humidity, the Koh HEPA JET Air ensures the air you inject to clear off dust is pure and dust-free.

Developed by a bio-medical engineer and a chemist, this product has been carefully engineered to be durable and effective. The Koh HEPA JET AIR integrates a smooth ergonomic bulb with one way check valves at the ends that link the bulb to a HEPA filter. Squeezing the bulb creates a powerful one-way jet stream of pure air. One way check valves on both ends ensure there is no back flow and that air is drawn only through the filter.

With superior design and components, this is the ultimate air blowing bulb giving users peace of mind and confidence they are not introducing dust into their digital equipments. Koh Global, LLC., is a new company that specializes in digital photography accessories and specialty electronic equipment. The Koh HEPA JET AIR is distributed by OmegaSatter.

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