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Olympus to Sponsor Upcoming John Isaac Exhibit

John Issac
John Issac
by Elizabeth LeGrow

Olympus is sponsoring an exhibit showcasing the work of John Isaac at the Banana Factory, a nonprofit community art center and gallery, in Bethlehem, Pa., from April 26-June 29.

Isaac has captured some of history’s most remarkable moments working for 38 years as the chief photographer for the United Nations and his photography is known the world over.

Since 1998, Isaac has focused mostly on nature photography, though he has also worked extensively in Kashmir, the disputed border area between India and Pakistan. His passion to document and help the people of Kashmir will be presented in a new book which will be released by WW Norton in the fall of 2008, and those images will be part of the gallery show.

Isaac’s photography is known around the world as he has captured some of history’s most remarkable moments. Born in Madras, India, Isaac came to the United States as a young man in 1968 and began work at the United Nations. Over his career he has traveled to more than 100 countries as a photojournalist, capturing the struggles and triumphs of our changing world. Isaac’s numerous awards include winner of Photokina International Photo Contest, Best Photograph of the Year from Graphis Magazine, Professional Photographer of the Year from Photo Imaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association (PMDA) and Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Photographic Council.

Isaac has authored many books, including a series called Children in Crisis . He co-authored Endangered Peoples for Sierra Club and Coorg, Land of the Kodavas with his wife Jeannette.