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Olympus Releases New E-30 DSLR
source: Olympus

Olympus E-30 DSLR

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., November 5, 2008 --Through the centuries, legendary artists have expressed their individuality by relying on active imaginations and keen eyes to produce artistic masterpieces that alter reality to reveal a profound truth or feeling. The Olympus E-30 digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera is a powerful tool that takes the art of photography to new creative heights by offering the artistic freedom to capture what you see in your mind's eye, not just what you see through the camera lens.

Like a brush stroking color across a blank white canvas, the E-30 delivers instant artistic gratification. Its ease of use and power to transform the everyday into something artistic will appeal to painters, graphic designers, illustrators and Web designers, those with an eye for fashion and artists from all walks of life, not just photographers. New Art Filters and Multiple Exposure change how we create images, unleashing a digital imaging experience unlike any other that produces striking works of art inside the camera without the need for costly computer image editing software.

E-30 Rounds Out Robust E-System DSLR Lineup

The E-30 fits in the spectrum of the E-System lineup above the E-520 as a mid-range advanced DSLR, while the E-3 remains at the top as the flagship Olympus DSLR. Beyond the new Art Filters and Multiple Exposure function, the E-30 delivers the same high-precision performance and imaging quality demanded by professional photographers who use the E-3, as well as the consumer-friendly features found on the E-520, and several new surprises all its own.

As with all Olympus DSLRs, the new camera provides advanced Dust Reduction and in-body mechanical Image Stabilization so that every Four Thirds lens is stabilized. The new camera also offers TruePic III+ Image Processor and Full Time Autofocus Live View. These features are coupled with a new 12.3-megapixel high-speed Live MOS image sensor to capture breathtaking images.

Adding to the line of Four Thirds-compliant lenses, the ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 II is also being announced today. It boasts high-speed Imager AF support for Live View shooting and a circular aperture mechanism for higher imaging performance. A versatile 28-108mm equivalent zoom range makes the new lens an ideal choice in a wide range of shooting situations, enabling users to enjoy the exaggerated perspective of wide angle shooting while providing telephoto power to zoom in for close-ups.

We Are the Visual Generation

The visual tastes of people of all ages are growing more refined as a result of art cinema and movies, music videos, television, video games, magazines, the Internet and online videos created in a wide array of visual styles. More distinct and artistic visuals are appearing everywhere, and the bar for creative images has been raised higher.

"The E-30 is the camera for people who are not content to simply capture and document a scene, but rather enjoy enhancing or customizing an image to make it their own," said John Knaur, senior marketing manager, Digital SLR, Olympus Imaging America Inc. "The camera's Art Filters and Multiple Exposure capabilities enable incredible individual artistic control over an image within the camera, in many cases eliminating the need for time spent applying image effects in the computer. Additionally, it delivers the same proven image quality of our E-System DSLR line."

Art Filters Make Your Vision Come to Life

New to the E-30 is technology that conveniently helps photographers transform a basic image that faithfully represents the scene into an image that carries emotional impact. Olympus recognizes that some of the most iconic images ever captured were intentionally altered through exposures to render contrast beyond normal levels, or are alive with saturated colors or the gritty graininess of film. All have wonderful artistic merit.

The new Art Filters take this capability to a higher level, replicating these dramatic effects as you shoot using the Autofocus Live View LCD:

* Pop Art: Enhances colors, making them more saturated and vivid, creating high-impact pictures that express the joyful, lighthearted feeling of the Pop Art style of the 1960s.

* Soft Focus: Creates an ethereal, otherworldly atmosphere that renders subjects in a heavenly light without obscuring details.

* Pale & Light Color: Encloses the foreground of an image in flat gentle light and pastel colors reminiscent of a flashback scene in a movie.

* Light Tone: Renders shade and highlight areas softly to lend an elegant air to the subject.

* Grainy Film: Evokes the feeling of documentary footage shot in monochrome with grainy, high-contrast film.

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