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O'Reilly Authors Off to NYC's PhotoPlus Expo

Sebastopol, CA--At O'Reilly, we're always looking for new ways to inspire and connect to creative minds. And that's why we're excited about attending PDN’s PhotoPlus International Conference and Expo in New York City next week with eight of our top O'Reilly Media authors and digital media experts.

There, O'Reilly author Katrin Eismann plans to share the secrets the best retouchers use to create flawless skin in her seminar titled "Skin, Skin, Skin." David Pogue, O'Reilly's Missing Manual series founder, will deliver a keynote talk about his four-month quest to determine, once and for all, just how important megapixels are in a digital camera. O'Reilly authors/photographers Julieanne Kost, Mikkel Aaland, Stephen Johnson, and Peter Krogh are also included in an exciting roster of speakers offering inspiration, straightforward insights, photography tips and tricks, and encouragement in seminars during the expo.

This stimulating three-day photography conference--the largest ever and the most comprehensive--opens at NYC's Jacob Javits Convention Center on Oct. 17. During the confab, Derrick Story, O'Reilly's digital media evangelist, plans to transform the O'Reilly booth into a live podcasting studio. He'll be interviewing our authors along with some surprise guests.

So stop by the O'Reilly Booth #1448 to meet our digital media authors, get your books autographed, and check out our award-winning titles. You'll also find our newest titles on discount, sneak peeks at upcoming titles, a camera bag raffle, and many other goodies.

O'Reilly conference highlights include:

- Don't miss David Pogue, the hilarious author of the "iPhone: The Missing Manual" (O'Reilly) and New York Times tech columnist, give his keynote talk--"The Megapixel Myth"--at 11:30 a.m. on Oct. 18. At 1:30 p.m., David heads over to the O'Reilly Booth where he will be interviewed by O'Reilly's digital media evangelist and author, Derrick Story.

- Throughout the conference, Derrick Story, conducts live podcast interviews at the O'Reilly booth. Stop by to listen in on his conversations about digital photography with popular O'Reilly authors Stephen Johnson, Julieanne Kost, Katrin Eismann, and Mikkel Aaland. Derrick Story is also the author of Digital Photography Hacks and Digital Photography Pocket Guide. Check the online schedule of podcasts here:

- Mikkel Aaland, the trailblazing photographer and author of "Photoshop Lightroom Adventure" (O'Reilly) talks about his next trip, beta testing Lightroom 2.0 in Tasmania, at the Adobe booth.

- O'Reilly is offering a 30 percent discount on the hottest titles from all of our cool conference instructors, plus other must-have titles.

Check here for the complete schedule of Derrick Story's author interviews:

PhotoPlus Expo 2007

O’Reilly Authors--Conference Schedule

- Katrin Eismann --"The Creative Digital Darkroom" (November 2007) Thursday, October 18 3:45-5:45 p.m. Skin, Skin, Skin

Saturday, October 20 1-3 p.m. The Creative Digital Darkroom

- Stephen Johnson--"Stephen Johnson on Digital Photography" Thursday, October 18 9 - 12 p.m. Black and White Digital: A Technology Evolved

Friday, October 19 1-3 p.m. The Fine Print: From Concept to Exhibition

- Julieanne Kost--"Window Seat: The Art of Digital Photography & Creative Thinking" Thursday, October 18 3:45-5:45 p.m. Lightroom and Photoshop: The Dynamic Duo

Friday, October 19 1-3 p.m. Adobe Lightroom

Saturday, October 20 1-3 p.m. Creating Digital Composites

- Peter Krogh--"The DAM Book" Saturday, October 20 3:45-5:45 p.m. Best Practices: Digital Workflow and Secure Image Storage

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