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NuCORE Announces New CleanCapture II
via NewsEdge Corporation

ORLANDO, Fla.--(CCNMatthews - Mar 7, 2006) -

NuCORE Technology:

-- NuCORE once again raises the performance bar with superior image quality, performance, and integration. High ISO image capture, real time anti-blur, automatic face detection, red eye elimination and HD video capture (720p/1080i) for the digital video camera (DVC) and digital still camera (DSC) markets are now a reality.

NuCORE Technology today announced its new CleanCapture(R) II family of image processors. The most powerful image processors in its class, the highly integrated SIP-2290 and NDX-2240 (code named Puma and Hayabusa, respectively) deliver the highest image quality, richest feature set and best performance in the market today at a price well suited to the demanding consumer electronics industry. The new processor family further extends the award-winning CleanCapture low noise digital imaging capability enabling higher quality pictures even while indoors without a flash. In addition, end users' ability to take better pictures is dramatically improved by the new anti-blur and face detection mode auto-exposure features.

"NuCORE continues to provide the real, practical solutions that OEMs and end users need to enhance the picture and video taking experience," states Jim Chapman, chief executive officer for NuCORE Technology. "With the SIP-2290 and NDX-2240, we provide OEMs with technology that eliminates many of the 'annoyances' end users experience by significantly improving low light photography, dramatically minimizing red eye, and providing powerful real time face detection, all at true HD resolutions for DVC and DSC markets."

SiP-2290 Digital Image Processor Feature Highlights

NuCORE's SiP-2290 is a full-featured image processor offering outstanding image quality that benefits DVC and DSC OEMs alike. The SiP-2290HS is ideal for DSC cameras while the SiP2290DV is designed for DVC applications. NuCORE's design philosophy is to focus on image quality at every design tradeoff point while meeting the stringent cost objectives common in the camera industry. When coupled with the NDX-2240 analog image processor front end, the new image processors deliver the highest quality, smallest file size, and lowest noise, even at High ISO settings. Never before have such high quality pictures been so easy to take.

-- Anti Blur Image Capture with High ISO Camera Sensitivity: This advanced capability is achieved by breaking through the current limitations of noisy High ISO (greater than IS0400) capture. Using both CleanCapture II image processors with traditional CCD sensors, enables OEMs to deliver double or quadruple the usable ISO settings on a camera. Support for the new High ISO CCD sensors only extends this capability further. High ISO cameras enable end users to take pictures with more pleasing illumination, sharper images and improve a camera's battery life since fewer flash pictures are taken. Blur is often eliminated entirely for those treasured motion-packed action shots.

-- Video Frame Rate Face Detection (Object Detection Engine): Operating at real time video rates, object pattern matching detection is made possible utilizing specialized hardware acceleration. The first application is the detection of up to six faces allowing optimal focusing and exposure whether capturing HD video or still pictures. Performance hardware acceleration eliminates the annoying lag typical with software-only DSC face detection solutions and brings this capability to the video segment for the first time.

-- Red Eye Elimination: Still camera flash mode red-eye elimination is now possible with extreme accuracy -- and without human intervention. These new image processor features bring significant ease of use to end users enabling better pictures with less effort.

-- High Definition (HD) Video Resolution: The SiP-2290DV makes possible HD resolution video image capture and output up to 720p at 60 frames/second and 1080i at 60 fields/second when paired with a HD video CODEC. Standard definition (SD) video applications can use the integrated MPEG4 compression technology tuned to the image pipeline. The tight-coupling of NuCORE's world-class image processing and a video compression engine provides the highest quality video at low bit rates. End-users enjoy DVD quality video with long record times, which is an essential requirement as popular camcorders transition from tape to hard drive storage.

-- Award-winning InfiniteBurst Technology: With the SiP-2290, this technology (capable of full resolution, nonstop continuous burst capture of still photos until the memory card is full) raises the performance level such that 10mega pixel images can be captured at up to 5fps without pause.

-- Flexible Storage Subsystem Interface: Interface support is provided to a variety of popular storage subsystems, including almost every flash memory standard as well as most hard drives and mini-DVD drives. This flexibility allows a large variety of video and hybrid cameras to be created from a common hardware platform.

-- Picture, Video Sharing Support: NuCORE provides hardware support for captivating picture and video sharing software, such as NuCORE's eVJ (electronic Video Jockey). This provides end users with a convenient and compelling method to share pictures or video at HD resolutions on any standard HD Monitor.

"With the SiP-2290 and NDX-2240, DVC and DSC manufacturers will be able to take full advantage of the market shift to high-definition digital video," Chapman continued, "No other image processor can offer this level of image quality and performance at HD resolutions together with the ease of use features crucial for success in the consumer camera market."

NDX-2240 Analog Front End (AFE) Image Processor Feature Highlights -- 22 Bit ADC with up to 16 Bit Output: Unprecedented noise reduction is achieved using 22 bit ADC compared to 12 or 14 bit ADCs typically used. Quantization errors and false color artifacts are dramatically reduced providing cleaner, more pleasant pictures. Digital images are improved by using high bit ADC technology similar to the improvements digital audio playback benefited with over sampling. -- Dynamic Range Enrichment -- 16 Point Pre Gamma Correction: Patent pending technology allows precise picture tuning increasing the effective dynamic range of digital pictures to more accurately approach that of film-based photography. The pre-gamma correction minimizes the typical "crushed" dark or bright areas of a captured picture common with many DSCs. A more film-like picture captures result. -- Integrated Programmable Timing Generator: Integration is enhanced with a comprehensive programmable timing generator that is compatible with virtually every CCD or CMOS sensor produced. Ample control pins coupled with the adaptable programmable control architecture makes the NDS-2240 ideal to meet the needs of future CCD sensors as they are brought to market. A waveform viewer provides a visual result making verification easy. External timing devices and their cost are eliminated by integrating the timing control function into the processor. Low noise analog signal possessing and complex digital logic are successfully combined on the same chip for optimum cost and integration. -- Support for High-bandwidth HD Video and SLR Sensors: Cameras using multiple sensors can now be easily supported by providing a reference gain tracking mechanism between multiple AFE processors, effectively calibrating multiple sensors so that the resultant picture is free of artifacts due to mismatched gain calibration. A master-slave interface enables interface to the SiP-2290 without additional logic circuits enabling the highest integration solution available in the industry.

Samples of three CleanCapture(R) II family members are immediately available for OEM development. The SiP-2290 HS, and SiP-2290DV digital back end image processor for the DSC and DVC market respectively and the NDX-2240 analog front end processor available in speeds and features ideal to each DSC or DVC segment.

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