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VERONA, N.J., Dec. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Noromis PhotoLab and President Maurice Hamoy today announce Noromis PhotoLab, the first Windows software that lets every-day people transfer photos from their digital camera to their computer, then go on to automatically enhance, and print lab-quality photos, all in one seamless session, and in as few as five clicks.

Maurice Hamoy, former VP of Marketing for the HiJaak line of graphic conversion software, brings back his unique "customer obsessed" marketing approach to provide a solution for home printing of digital photos. He says, "Using the same approach as we did for HiJaak, we observed hundreds of every-day folks as they attempted to carry out a seemingly simple and everyday task: get perhaps a dozen photos from a digital camera to the computer, make a few basic photographic corrections, and then print them at some fixed size. This ostensibly simple task took most people up to an hour of frustration, and then when the prints finally came, they were disappointing.

"No better than what they'd get from their local drugstore's photo kiosk -- and so much more infuriatingly frustrating effort! From those observations, we give you Noromis PhotoLab. A lean, focused software utility that gives busy consumers just what they need to print their digital photos, but intelligently produces the best print results available from existing home computers and printers."

Just what you need

Noromis PhotoLab is designed to make easy and fast the creation of beautiful prints from a digital camera, without having to become a photo editing expert. Unlike other photo editing applications, which provide hundreds of tools for all manner of photo effects, Noromis PhotoLab is focused on what 95% of home digital photographers want 95% of the time: in one session -- get photos from the camera, automatically fix any errors in exposure, contrast, color balance, saturation, and sharpness, easily fix annoying red eye, and then print to any size and get the best looking prints their printer and paper are capable of. And Noromis PhotoLab does it quickly in as few as 5 clicks -- better and faster than anyone else.

Get photos

The Get Photos Wizard kicks in any time a camera, thumb drive, or other photo storage device is plugged into the computer. Choose whether to download only, download enhance and print, or download and view a slide show. Choose where to save photos and whether to delete them from the photo device, and then watch as Noromis PhotoLab copies and automatically enhances each photo.

Noromis PhotoLab also enables Windows Explorer-like navigation of existing photos, so customers can auto fix and print their entire photo library, past, present, and future. Batch processing of multiple photos is also available.

Intelligent enhancements

During auto fix, Noromis PhotoLab rapidly analyzes five key interrelated aspects of photo quality: Exposure, Contrast, Color Balance, Saturation, and Sharpness. Optionally, Noromis PhotoLab can also fix red eye and reduce noise.

The results Noromis PhotoLab software is capable of depends on its deep understanding of the significantly interrelated nature of each of these key parameters. For example, adjusting contrast affects exposure, which in turn can modify how sharp the photo appears. If applied in the wrong order, the results are at best unexpected.

That is the potential problem in other photo enhancement software: by offering great flexibility in applying options, but failing to provide the appropriate guidance in how to make changes, these products leave every-day users open to too many potential innocent, yet quality-compromising mistakes.

When Noromis PhotoLab automatically analyzes the photo, it starts with the original, adjusts each enhancement individually, and then applies changes in the correct order of operations to achieve professional results. This built-in intelligence rivals the best professional photo labs available.

Designed for printing

The built-in enhancement intelligence is designed with one goal-achieve the best prints the camera, printer, and paper are capable of producing. Since Noromis PhotoLab accumulates, then applies all changes to the original file, no data is lost during multiple, intermediate saving operations to JPEG, an incrementally lossy compression format.

Noromis PhotoLab also performs all scaling and sharpening internally based on any chosen print size, so the precisely perfect number of pixels is sent to the printer to yield vibrant, crisp results on that specific printer. Print layouts are handled automatically based on the chosen print size, so no paper is wasted.


Noromis PhotoLab may be designed for printing, but it also offers tools for sharing. Save photos in one of several common image formats, including a PDF slide show, or email photos to family and friends. Optimize the photo size for the desired usage: Web posting or email. All capabilities are easily accessible from the Share tab.

Pricing and Availability

Noromis PhotoLab will be available to beta testers immediately.

Noromis PhotoLab will be available for purchase in January 2007 at an estimated street price of US $49.99. Customers may also order over the phone by calling 866-655-9210.

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