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Nik Software Announces Free Update to Dfine® 2.0

Cologne, Germany (PHOTOKINA) --September 22, 2008 - Nik Software recently announced availability of a free update to its award-winning Dfine 2.0 nois-e reduction software plug-in. Dfine version 2.1 becomes the latest of the Nik Software tools to offer compatibility with Apple Aperture 2 and compatibility with Smart Objects within Adobe Photoshop. The update also includes a new debanding control that allows users to address banding artifacts that can occur in some images.

Dfine continues to raise the bar in digital photographic noise reduction. Dfine provides superior noise reduction while maintaining detail and sharpness throughout an image and providing unprecedented selective control over noise reduction by employing Nik Software's U Point technology.

"This new update to Dfine addresses two of the top requests from users," said Michael Slater, president and CEO of Nik Software, Inc. "We are pleased to be able to provide photographers using Apple Aperture and Adobe Photoshop with Dfine's best in class noise reduction and its unique selective controls as a free upgrade to Dfine 2.0."

New Features:

. New Smart Filter Support (Photoshop only): Provides compatibility with Adobe Photoshop's Smart Objects enabling modifications or adjustments to noise reduction after Dfine has been applied.

. New Multi-Image Support (Aperture only): Provides compatibility with Aperture's multi-image support, allowing photographers to easily reduce noise in several images without leaving Dfine’s interface.

. New Debanding Control: Resolves issues in which unwanted horizontal or vertical banding artifacts are introduced in the capture process. Dfine is the only product designed specifically to handle this issue.


The Dfine 2.1 update is available as a free download to registered owners of Dfine 2.0 directly from Nik Software at Customers that purchase Dfine 2.0 through retail stores are also eligible for the update.

Dfine 2.1 is a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Apple Aperture 2.1 and is available for Windows and Macintosh operating systems, including Vista and Leopard. For more information about the software, including video tutorials highlighting the software running within Photoshop and Aperture and a free 15-day, fully functional trial version, please visit

In other Nik Software news a complete collection of digital photographic filters were announced.

This new product bundle includes all of the latest versions of Nik Software's products available at a discounted price of $599, which represents a savings of $450 if purchased separately.

All products now include Nik's patented U Point® technology ( for precise control of selective editing functions without the need to create complicated selections and layer masks. U Point powered Control Points found in each of Nik Software's products are easy to use and, by working directly on the image, powerful selective enhancements can be accomplished in a fraction of the time needed by using other methods.

Each of the products included in the Complete Collection are compatible with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems, including Vista and Leopard, and work seamlessly within Adobe Photoshop and Apple Aperture.

The suggested retail price of the Complete Collection is $599 (USD), which represents a savings of $450 (USD) over purchasing each product separately.

Each of the software products in the bundle installs as a plug-in filter for either Adobe Photoshop or Apple Aperture 2.1. For more information about the software, including video tutorials highlighting the software running within Photoshop and Aperture and free 15-day fully functional trial versions, please visit Nik Software, Inc. is a privately held company that develops software solutions for the growing digital imaging and photography markets.