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Newswire Launched for Photographers of All Levels to Sell Images

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London, December 15th, 2008 -- Demotix, an uncensored, unedited user-generated newswire today announced its official launch. At any individual anywhere in the world in the world can upload any image or video. The content is then made available for media publishers to purchase for publication, and Demotix splits the revenues with the contributor.

Demotix engages a dedicated and involved international audience: regular citizens, professional and amateur photographers. Their news, photos and videos, are available to an extensive, global distribution network in print, broadcast and online. Demotix images and videos have been published by major national and international media outlets including the Daily Telegraph, The Times and BBC.

"We believe in freedom of speech. We believe we in the right to knowledge. Street Journalism -- the reporting of people like you and me -- brings those two things together. Demotix is where the world comes together to tell their stories in pictures.

"We take your stories and pictures, and get them out to where they can really make a difference - both on (which already has viewers from Bhutan to Bolivia) and to the mainstream media where, together, we can change the way the news is gathered. We are a news space generated by the people for the people, and in the process we get our street reporters paid so that they can keep up the great work," said Turi Munthe, Demotix founder and CEO.

Demotix welcomes images shot on a high megapixel camera by seasoned professionals as much as it does low-resolution breaking news shots from amateurs. Everyone is invited to contribute to Demotix Professional references are not required and there are no technical requirements. The most important thing is to be able to tell a good story through images or videos.

Photographers who use Demotix will keep the copyright and the right to remove the images from the website, whenever they want. The non-exclusive images will be sold for anywhere from between $150- $3,000, and videos will be sold by $500-$1,000/minute. Demotix shares 50 percent of the revenue from each sale with the person who contributed the content.

Demotix is a London based company, founded by Turi Munthe and Jonathan Tepper. Turi has been a journalist, editor and talking head on everything from al-Jazeera through to CNN. Jonathan is a U.S. Rhodes Scholar who has spent 10 years in the financial industry.

Demotix (, is an uncensored, unedited user-generated newswire that offers an opportunity for anyone, anywhere to sell their stories to media publications. Demotix allows users to keep their copyrights or move their images/videos from the website at anytime, paying up 50 percent of any sale to its users.