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New York Inventors Develop Photo Processing Method

ALEXANDRIA, Va., April 11 -- John Randall Fredlund of Rochester, N.Y., David Lynn Patton of Webster, N.Y., Roger R. A. Morton of Penfield, N.Y., and Steven Bruce Paciocco of Lima, N.Y., have developed a system and a method for selecting photographic images using index prints.

According to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office: "A method for remotely selecting and ordering photographic prints, includes the steps of: sending a photographic film bearing a plurality of latent images to a photofinisher; developing the photographic film to produce visible images and scanning the visible images to create a digital image file at the photo finisher; producing an index print having a plurality of images from the photographic film along with an index number associated with each image and an order number; sending the index print to a customer; selecting images for which prints are desired from the index print; ordering photographic prints via telephone from the customer's home to the photofinisher, specifying the order number and the index numbers associated with the images for which prints are desired; and making photographic prints of the selected images at the photofinisher and sending the photographic prints to the customer."

The inventors were issued U.S. Patent No. 7,202,982 on April 10.

The patent has been assigned to Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester.

The original application was filed on July 17, 2003, and is available at: .

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