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New Video Celebrates Year Five of Artistry Tips and Tricks

January 2009-- Karen Sperling has created a new video to celebrate the beginning of the fifth year of publication of Artistry Tips and Tricks, an ezine in Acrobat .pdf format containing written instructions and accompanying illustrations showing professional photographers and hobbyists how to turn photos into paintings in Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter.

In addition to the software steps, Artistry Tips and Tricks issues include art lessons so that photographers learn the art concepts they need to paint photos, including things like how to know if a photo is a good candidate to turn into a painting and how to choose colors.

In today's economy, photographers can boost their bottom line by offering their customers unusual keepsakes like painted portraits.

And reading Artistry Tips and Tricks is an affordable way to learn to paint photos in Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter.

Created by Sperling, who wrote the original Painter manuals and who is working on her fourth Painter book, the educational video shows examples of Sperling's paintings from photos, in addition to sample pages from Artistry Tips and Tricks to shed light on how useful the ezine is as an instructional format.

"I don't think people realize how great the Acrobat .pdf format is for learning software," says Sperling.

"There's a myth nowadays that video tutorials are the only way to learn to use software because there are so many video tutorials available and they are accompanied by vast marketing efforts," says Sperling.

"So maybe it's time to talk about the benefits of Acrobat tutorials!"

While video tutorials are clearly beneficial because they have software demonstrations, in the long run, videos are not ideal for learning to paint photos for many reasons, according to Sperling.

For instance, she notes, the student has to keep pausing the video and replaying it to get the information. And the student has to take notes because of the nature of the video. Many times steps are left out, leaving the student confused. And many times, the videos aren't edited well. Much time is spent watching a cursor moving around aimlessly or listening to a less-than-engaging narrator. Then there's the cost. Video tutorials are expensive because they are expensive to produce.

In contrast, with Acrobat .pdf Artistry Tips and Tricks issues, the student is able to read through complete instructions for turning a photo into a painting.

There is no pausing: The student can read at his or her own pace.

There is no need for note taking. All the steps are clearly written out already.

Artistry Tips and Tricks are easy to use--just open them up in Acrobat next to Photoshop or Painter and read along as you paint.

And the tutorials are affordable. Each issue is a class in itself for as little as $10.

The video showing examples from Artistry Tips and Tricks can be viewed at youtube at and at the Artistry home page