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New Photo Book Release Earth Under Fire: How Global Warming Is Changing the World Is Part of Congressional Record

Six years ago, award-winning photojournalist Gary Braasch began an extraordinary journey around the world to observe and document environmental changes resulting from the warming of our climate. In this stunning, eye-opening book, he brings us along to witness firsthand what he saw as he crossed both the Antarctic and Arctic Circles, trekked above 15,000 feet in the Andes, dove on damaged coral reefs, and followed scientists into the field on four continents.

In a recent development, the publisher reported that the book was held up on the House floor -- by Congressman Wayne Gilchrest (R., Maryland) during debates on the energy bill last month.

Below is an excerpt from the Congressional Record:

Congressional Record, August 4, 2007 (House):

"__Mr. Chairman ... there is a lot of information out there about climate change. There is a lot of information about how it's going to affect the globe and how it's going to affect the United States. If there is any book that I have ever read with the written and pictorial word of that [it is] "Earth Under Fire: How Global Warming is Changing the World,'' [by] Gary Braasch.__"

In the more than one hundred photographs-including dramatic before-and-after comparisons-Braasch records communities, landscapes, and animals at risk because of receding glaciers, eroding coastlines, rising sea levels, and thawing permafrost. In the accompanying text he surveys the science behind climate change and introduces native people, lifelong observers, scientists, and others who are noticing striking changes right now. Alongside Braasch's compelling words and images, essays by eminent scientists discuss the impacts of climate change on the oceans, biodiversity, fresh water, mountain cultures, plants and animals, and our health.

More than a warning, EARTH UNDER FIRE, the most complete illustrated guide to the effects of climate change now available, offers an upbeat and intelligent account of how we can lessen the effects of our near total dependence on fossil fuel using technologies and energy sources already available.

"Braasch's stories and photographs of how climate change is unraveling ecosystems and human lives make real and vivid what for too many remains speculative and abstract.. By making fathomable the specific consequences of inaction, this book helps motivate us to pay attention and to grasp the simple, profitable climate solutions now within our grasp."

-Amory B. Lovins, Chairman and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute, Inc.

Gary Braasch is an Ansel Adams Award-winning photojournalist and a fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers. He contributes to Time, US News & World Report, Smithsonian, Discover, Natural History, LIFE, Scientific American, GEO, American Photo, the BBC News website and other publications. He is the author of Photographing the Patterns of Nature and coauthor of Secrets of the Old-Growth Forest, Entering the Grove, and Northwest.

Contributors include: Bill McKibben, Alton C. Byers, Sylvia A. Earle and Cristina G. Mittermeier, Paul Epstein, Peter H. Gleick, Thomas E. Lovejoy, Camille Parmesan, Stephen H. Schneider and Janica Lane.

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