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New MemoryKick MediaCenter Makes Viewing, Sharing and Storing Photos, Videos and Music Portable

Argraph Corporation, an international supplier of photographic / imaging products, recently introduced the MemoryKick MediaCenter. It claims this product will revolutionize the way we see, share and store photos, videos and music. The MemoryKick MediaCenter makes all your files portable.

The MemoryKick MediaCenter is a breakthrough Photo / Video / Music / Multimedia portable Media Center with design and functionality, all in a lightweight device that slips easily into your shirt pocket, ready for use wherever you are.

The MemoryKick MediaCenter:

-- Combines the best features of Photo Banks (Epson, Hyperdrive, etc.), MP3 players, Memory Card Readers, Video Players in one lightweight and stylish device.

-- Costs less than those other devices.

-- Serves both consumers and professionals.

-- Is portable:

Compact - 1/2 the size of Hyperdrive; 1/3 the size of Epson. Lightweight - Less than 2/3 the weight of Hyperdrive; 1/3 the weight of Epson. Provides Complete On-The-Go management of all types of photo and media files.


The MemoryKick MediaCenter eliminates the need for a computer to see, share and store image and media files directly from your digital camera, digital camcorder, MP3 Player, USB Flash drives, & External Hard Drives. The MediaCenter is the world’s first full-featured, high-speed, compact portable solution that fits right into your pocket.


Download your photos instantly utilizing the built in memory card reader or direct connect USB OTG (On-The-Go) feature. Just pack the compact, lightweight MemoryKick MediaCenter and wherever you are, you can download all of your pictures without connecting to a PC! Download photos from digital cameras or memory cards anywhere, anytime. View your photos as a slideshow directly on the MemoryKick MediaCenter or connect it to a TV or LCD screen to view with friends, family, and associates.


The MemoryKick MediaCenter's revolutionary design enables you to transfer not just from your memory cards and USB devices, but also to your memory cards and USB devices. Only the MemoryKick MediaCenter enables you to transfer your favorite pictures, videos, music, files, folders or even your entire drive, to memory cards or USB devices, to share with friends, family and associates on the go. All without a computer.

EXPANDED DIRECT CONNECT FEATURE with Full Bi-Directional Support

In addition to the built-in multiple card reader, the MemoryKick MediaCenter is equipped with a USB 2.0 direct connect feature. Transfer photos, videos, music, and personal files at lightening speed directly to the MediaCenter from any of your compatible portable devices. (digital cameras, mp3 players, flash drives, camcorders, PDA's, phones, etc.)


With enhanced audio / video built into the device, you can preview and enjoy all of your media files directly from the MediaCenter. Listen to music with integrated MP3 player, view photos and slideshows, and watch movies all on the MediaCenter.

With its groundbreaking design, light weight, pocket size, hosting capabilities, and large storage capacity, the MemoryKick MediaCenter will revolutionize the way we share, store, and transfer our personal media files. The ultra compact, pocketable design makes the MediaCenter the most portable of its kind. With built-in hard drive capacities of 30GB and 60GB, the MediaCenter is sure to satisfy your "on-the-go" needs.


- Transfer from other portable devices while on-the-go without a computer

- Ultra-fast transfer speed - up to 7 MB per second

- Built-in multi-card reader - SD/SDHC, CF, MMC, xD, MS, and other cards with adapter. Supports High-Capacity cards.

- In addition to copying TO the MediaCenter, copy FROM the MediaCenter TO multiple inserted memory cards to share images with friends, family and associates.

- Lightweight, portable, and pocket-size - only 5.6 oz

- Automatically organize and catalog by date all your transferred files

- User-friendly, intuitive software and design

- Instantly organize photo, music, or movie media files into libraries / albums, and then access directly from the home screen

- Create photo slideshows and music playlists for convenient playback

- Free firmware updates

- A/V out feature for listening to music or watching photo slideshows & movies on your TV or LCD screen (NTSC and PAL compatible, cable optional)

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